Savoy Yangon

Sava Yangon

The Savoy Hotel in Yangon is a cosy colonial-style hotel with charm and an atmosphere of former size and historical flair. Yangon, The Savoy Hotel: as described in the Charming Small Hotels Guide, where no one pays for a page. Situated in the heart of Yangon, this royal colonial hotel has a breathtaking backdrop overlooking the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda and People's Park. With a view of the glittering Shwedagon Pagoda, the centrally located Savoy is a retrospective of colonial times. Located in a prime location in Yangon, the Savoy Hotel offers everything the city has to offer, right on your doorstep.

Burma Highlights with Deep River Cruise

The Savoy is a cozy and charmingly colonial-style establishment with an old-fashioned ambience and historical aura. It is small but has a superb main swing and a good selection of amenities such as massages, cosmetic treatment and the enchanting Captain's Bar.

The rooms are divided into two categories: luxury and elite suite, both of which are classy in terms of styling and rather roomy, although the suite is slightly oversized. While the workmanship is not as smooth and high as in other 5-star South East Asian boutiques, the Savoy still has a sense of elegance, good comforts and a welcoming welcome.

Situated on the edge of Yangon, while you are still in a lively neighborhood, you are slightly away from the city. As soon as you leave the streets and enter the property, you are immediately enshrouded in an haven of tranquillity, because the smart layout of the rooms, which are further away from the streets, creates a quiet atmosphere and makes the Savoy a good choice for a few relaxing holidays at the end of a buzzing vacation in Burma.

This is our first really'upscale' class. This can be a nice small motel with very restricted amenities or a 5* residence with all the frills; but every motel in this class will be a well-run house with very comfy rooms, a powerful sense of servitude and exquisite cuisine.

Lock this as part of your adventure vacation of a life. These are some of the most beloved public days, even this one, or we can make a custom vacation for you.

This is our cup of tea: Spoil yourself in the High Tee boutique at the Savoy Hotel Yangon.

From the beginning of March you can now enjoy the world-famous Irrawaddy teas from the Shan state. It is best drunk at the Savoy Hotel Yangon with tasty sweets, tasty sweets and biscuits. Better still, we spoil you with the luxury boutique High Te.

Cultivated in a cold environment with fresh, foggy fresh breezes, Irrawaddy teas are available at the High Tee Burma Breakfast and Golden Ginger boutiques. Take a drink and savour all the delights that the Savoy Hotel Yangon Boutique High Tee has to boast. We' re giving away 1 Savoy High Tee coupon for 2 as part of the benefits and benefits of our all new COCO+ Memberschip.

The COCO+ offers exlusive entry to all kinds of event, not to speak of frequent discounts such as free drinks and give-aways. The COCO+ subscription can be purchased for less than the cost of a cafe! More about COCO+ and register here. For more information about the four-star Yangon Hotels, please contact Savoy Hotels.

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