Savoy Hotel Myanmar

Hotel Savoy Myanmar

Save Hotel Locations, Prices, Amenities: Expert Yangon Research, Hotel and Travel Index only. Find the lowest hotel rates for the Savoy Hotel Yangon Hotel in Yangon. Savoy Hotel is a luxurious boutique hotel in Yangon. The Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The Savoy Hotel room facilities.

Yangon Hotel, Myanmar

A charming family-run hotel from the former days, this Savoy Hotel, Yangon, offers an haven of peace and quiet in an otherwise busy town. The Savoy is located just outside the town center, beautiful decorated with Teakwood and antique furnishings and surrounded by luxuriant landscaped areas. Yangon Savoy Hotel has 24 large luxury rooms and 6 suite, all comfortable furnishings with hardwood furnishings and floor polish.

The most rooms have a look at the swimming pools and the gardens from the ceilings to the floors. In this case, the suite will have the same facilities as the luxury rooms, but will be almost twice as large and will have a separate area. Kirghiz Kipling's Restaurante provides a mixture of oriental and oriental food, either inside or on the patio facing Yangon's most celebrated symbol, the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Savoy Hotel is suitable for any age.

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The Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is the biggest town in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is a mixture of colorful architectural style, contemporary skyscrapers and gold-plated Buddha Schools. Among the other remarkable places of worship in the town are the Botataung and Sule Floors, both of which are home to buddhistic remains. Yangon has so many other unparalleled advantages to it.

Everywhere in the town new restaurants and caf├ęs appear, offering both regional delights and cosmopolitan food. Each of the 24 luxurious rooms and six suite reflect the charms of "old times" with antique Myanmar style furnishings, Teakwood and roomy baths. The large swimmingpool with its lounge area shaded by high old shady woodland makes the Savoy Hotel a quiet haven in the heart of the vibrant town.

Yangon International is the closest international airports, only 20 min by car from the real estate. It is only 10 min. from the town center. Yangon has a tropic atmosphere. Whilst Yangon is easy to visit at any given moment of the year, it is best to travel after the wet seasons from November to January when it is a bit colder and not so damp.

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