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New Sathapana Limited Job Opportunities in Myanmar - 24 Careers Proposal for the establishment and implementation of operating objective plans include loans, savings, staff, budget, and, above all, the store.....

ng new lower fund costs. - 2 ) Proposal for the establishment and implementation of the operating budget, including loans, savings, personnel, budget and, in particular, store profits.

  • Male / Female - Salary is verifiable No. 97/B, Kaba Aye..... with employees throughout the organisation, especially those who are subject to audits to solve auditing problems and reach the required improvements.
  • One man passed by the headquarters of Sathapana Hotel last months after the hotel took away its name.

    One man passed by the headquarters of Sathapana Hotel last months after the hotel took away its name. As a preemptive measure, Sathapana Banc has taken its gold Lions emblem away from all 162 offices across the country, as the privately held firm is aimed at deflecting criticisms of governance and avoiding disarray as it was recognized as a state body, a banking manager said today.

    Whilst a new logotype has not yet been created, Lim Aun, current CEO of Sathapana Bank, said the ruling was not enforced by a ruling from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), which in February pointed out that banks should refrain from using a Leo or Riil monetary icon in their emblem, as these icons appear in the governmental authority sign.

    He said that no time line was fixed for the bench to finalize the modification of theogo. Conversely, Acleda and Prasac Microfinance last months modified their corporate design after Prime Minister Hun Sen picked them out, while refusing to appreciate the costs associated with it, Aun said the re-branding would involve sub-branding bills, debit and other related paper.

    Sathapana' s Myanmar based micro-finance department, with 10 offices and one office in Laos, would also be changing its name. "We want a new brand that is easy to recognize not only in Cambodia but also in other countries," said Aun, and added that Sathapana would favour a brand that distinguishes the brand from its rivals and is more eye-catching than just text.

    Last February, the French authorities ordered Cambodia's biggest institution, Acleda Parker, to alter its corporate design to better distinguish itself from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which also used a mythic gold cage for its name. There was a banking officer who put the costs of the changing of the logo at around $3.5 million.

    Fewer than a fortnight later, Prasac Microfinance, which used the icon for the local currencies, was asked to change its name.

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