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For Sathapana Limited 27 positions The Cambodia-based RoFinanance Institute is a professional provider of micro-finance service throughout the entire nation with 140 branches, more than 2,600 staff.....

Head of Subsidiary (????) Chief of loan officer ???? ??????????? Target ?? ???? ?????????????????? ..... - Proposal for the establishment and implementation of operating objective plans include loans, savings, staff, budget, and, above all, the store..... ng new lower fund costs.

  • Providing store techincal assistance with accounting-related operations and problems and other accounting-related duties such as..... correct authorisation. - Examine the accuracy or appropriateness of the GL account entries in the bookkeeping system and ask for the creation of new GL account as.... 2) Suggest setting up and implementing the operative goal schedule including loans, savings, personnel, budget and in particular the profits of the store.

Sahiapana Limited

Sathapana Limited is a small financial institute operating mainly in and around the province towns of Cambodia. In addition to deposit-taking with a floating maturity, Sathapana Limited also provides longer-term deposit takings with a higher interest rates. It also provides domestic paymentservices. Triodo Sustainable Finance Foundation, Triodo Global Finance Fund and Triodo Fair Share Fund have granted (subordinated) credit to Sathapana Limited.

Khmer Times: Sathapana unveils new logo - Khmer Times

At the Sathapana Banking unveiling its new branding, a step that follows February's February instructions from the governments and calls on some business banking and finance organizations to rebrand themselves for concern that the general community might be confused as representatives of the state. At a news briefing that took place in Phnom Penh headquarters last night, Kato Norihiko, CEO of Sathapana Ltd, said that the new company brand had been worth $2 million, a number that included varying characters related to the bank's rebranding in all 168 offices across the state.

"Norihiko said, "The new company embodies the core assets of our institution: power, safety, stability, dependability, openness and a strong obligation to provide top value added value to our clients. "The introduction of our new corporate image is an important step in the transition of Sathapana Banks as we aim to reach a broader customer basis while improving the Cambodian life through our cutting-edge, customized financial and business product and services," Norihiko said.

Last year, Sathapana was created by a fusion between Maruhan Japan and Sathapana Limited. Its balance sheet now totals 1 billion dollars. Acleda also modified its corporate identity in February, issuing $3.5 million. Taoiseach Hun Sen had asked the bench to rebrand the old flag and claimed that the old flag bears a strong similarity to the Ministry of Economy and Finance badge.

The microfinance institute Prasac, one of the biggest of its kind in Cambodia, also recently had to amend its corporate identity according to similar information. In February, Mr Hun Sen said that all banks must use the words "private institutions" in their establishments in order to increase consciousness of their activities and to distance themselves from the state.

It also said that bodies with logo similar to state symbols must amend them.

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