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The Sathapana Limited Bank

The new Sathapana Bank Plc. was founded by Bun Mony, CEO. New Sathapana Bank - Khmer Times The Sathapana Bank Plc is one of the premier merchant bankers in Cambodia with 168 branch offices, more than 4,200 staff and 100 cash dispensers offering a broad variety of goods and service. Kato Norihiko, Chief Executive Officer of Sathapana Bank, has informed us of Sathapana Bank's new fresh look and dedication to better serving Cambodia through the provision of cutting-edge merchant bank financing solutions and support across the state.

KT: Recently Sathapana modified its company name, could you briefly tell us what the new name means for your bank? The Bank's power is further enhanced when several six points are placed side by side, demonstrating the Bank's capacity to serve its clients through its extensive nation-wide store chain. It also depicts a vaulted ceiling or locker, and the five blues are the reflection of the clear skies at the windows of the contemporary high-rise, a symbol of modernism and advancement, KT: Sathapana Bank Plc.

was established in April 2016 through a combination between Sathapana Limited and MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc. It' s now more than a year after the fusion, can you tell us how your company is developing? We have worked very tirelessly since then to turn Sathapana into a corporate bank after the mergers until this year.

Obviously, the fusion is sometimes not simple. In fact, the 2016 results were moderate, taking into consideration the changeover to the M&A, and now we are more favorable to improving and developing as a merchant bank. Of course, Sathapana's biggest source of assistance comes from MFIs, so Sathapana will remain attractive throughout the entire nation and even to those on low incomes.

While this is not really an effective industry for the bank to make a return, there are few financial institutions that can offer goods and more. So this is the franchising value of our bank, it is a small challange, but we are determined to service this area.

Second, the fast pace of the economy is creating a new local and urban retail bank that needs more business bankery. KT: As you said, Sathapana is currently the second largest merchant bank in Cambodia, what is your dedication to being a trustworthy, secure and open bank for clients?

Mr Kato: Yes, our stockholders and our managers are very dedicated and our ambition is to be the top bank in this nation, so it is very important and accountable to be one of the top bankers in a nation. KT: What do you think of the finance sector in Cambodia?

Financials are really important to support the economic development of this country, but they are still relatively poor in terms of finance and finance tech. That is why we must work harshly on efficiencies and standards of care so that Cambodians can benefit from more accessible and reasonably priced finance goods and sevices.

KT: The National Bank of Cambodia recently revealed that three banks have worked with the Federal Reserve Bank to introduce the CSS, Sathapana being one of them. What does this system bring to your clients and the Cambodians? Mr Kato: Sathapana Bank and two other banks, which are currently on the NBC side, are working together to enable this.

This means that the clients of each bank can use the other bank's ATM, which offer more comfortable service to the clients of each bank. KT: How do you see your bank expanding until the end of the year and what is your next plans? Mr. Kato: We are expanding in an newly industrializing nation, and banker' s fees still reach up to 25 to 30 per cent of the people.

This means that we still have a considerable number of people who have no bank service and that the actual rate of the economy is around 6. The undeveloped countries are still large by 8 to 7 per cent and beyond, so that they can achieve two to three fold higher rates of expansion than the rate of GNP increase thanks to the efforts of the banks.

I expect our credit expansion to exceed 20 per cent this year. At the moment we do not have wireless solutions, so we will be introducing the most advanced wireless solution, which is the latest, strongest and safest available today. This will be fully exploited and we will offer our clients a much more comfortable service.

Mr Kato: Sathapana used to be very sound and one of the powerful micro-finance institutes. Our wish is for good, sound competitors with other Cambodia's banking sector so that Cambodians can benefit more from the service. The use of state-of-the-art technologies is one of the keys on which all commercial banking companies must work in order to remain highly productive in the market.

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