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Sahiapana Limited

The microfinance institution Sathapana Limited operates mainly in and around the provincial cities of Cambodia. Who we are | SATHAPANA Bank Plc. Satapana Bank Plc. During the mid-2000s, Chairman Dr. Han Chang-Woo visited the various South East Asian regions to discover new potential and opportunity and with the aim of helping a nation, its economies and its peoples to succeed.

Dr. Han Chang-Woo lived through the times when Japan grew in the 1950' until today.

The chairman Dr. Han Chang-Woo was particularly interested in Cambodia, feeling that the state had great promise after very hard years during the conflict. In December 2012, MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc. acquired SATHAPANA Limited, a premier Cambodian MFI.

He concluded by merging MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc. and SATHAPANA Limited. In Cambodia there was no mergers of banks and after many consultations with the National Bank of Cambodia and other state regulators, SATHAPANA Bank Plc. CEO Dr. Han Chang-Woo: "We will further increase our customers' expectations and grow our businesses with an innovating forerunner.

SMATHAPANA Limited | Microfinance Institution in Myanmar

From January 9 to 19, 2017, SATHAPANA Limited hosted the New Recruitment Training at SATHAPANA Limited (headquarters), Yangon. The SPNM has repeatedly carried out new recruitment trainings in order to..... SATHAPANA Limited donated 330 packages of pure rices and clean drinking waters to the tsunami relief in Ward (9) and (10) in the municipalities of Pathein, Ayeyarwady area.

Myanmar SATHAPANA Limited Vacancies

Cambodia's premier provider of professional financial micro solutions, SATHAPANA Limited has 140 branches, more than 2,600 staff and $412 million in assets throughout the state. We have now received Certificate of Incorporation No. 993 FC from the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development and are currently seeking a Micro Finance Licence to grow our operations in Myanmar.

There are many suitable applicants for our offices in Yangon, Insein, Mandalay, Pathein and Bago.

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