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Use the Sathapana Bank to pay your electricity bill! Locate Sathapana branches and ATMs. and Sathapana Bank headquarters developer:

SATHAPANA Bank Plc. today announced the commencement of its new headquarters, groundbreaking at its future site along Preah Norodom Boulevard 172 and 174 streets.

SATHAPANA Bank Plc. today announced the commencement of the building of its new headquarters, which will begin with a ground-breaking at its new site along 172 and 174 Preah Norodom Boulevard streets. "I am firmly convinced that Cambodia will keep growing strongly in the years to come.

And I believe that now is the right moment to begin with the work on the new building," Dr. Han continued. This new headquarters will be the bank's most important platform for expanding its product and service offering to a larger customer base. This will be of key importance for the Bank's strategy in the coming years, as it intends to introduce a number of new, unparalleled and groundbreaking financial solutions in the market.

Over Sathapana bank Plc. Founded to serve as a people' s bank in Cambodia, it is committed to strengthening businesses and creating jobs to sustainably raise their standard of doing and living through accessing finance. At December 31, 2016, Sathapana Bank Plc. had USD 120 million of principal amount deposited, USD 929 million of net worth, USD 611 million of borrowings and USD 583 million of contributions receivable.

Since June 2017, the EBRD has successfully operated 96 cash dispensers throughout the state.

SMATHAPANA Limited | Microfinance Institution in Myanmar

In January 2015, SATHAPANA Limited was acquired by MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd. and received a temporary license to conduct microfinance business with an approved share of $15 million in June 2015. SATHAPANA" is the name of SATHAPANA Ltd., one of the country's premier banking institutions resulting from the combination of a banking group (Maruhan Japan Ltd.) and a microfinance institution (SATHAPANA Limited, Cambodia).

SATHAPANA" means "build or build" in Cambodian. LOGO's slight modification is that it is Mount Fuji, a widely recognised Japanese icon where our shareholders are located, and a fountain of stability and wellbeing. It also depicts a vaulted ceiling, or a locker and five blues are the reflection of the skies, a mark of modernism and advancement.

In August 2015 SATHAPANA Limited opened four offices in Yangon, Bago, Mandalay and the city of Ayeyarwady. 3. SATHAPANA Limited has achieved significant increases in terms of manpower and finance over the past two years and claims to be the second largest MFI in terms of credit portfolios at the end of fiscal 2017-2018.

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