Satellite Map of Myanmar

Satemap of Myanmar

Search for places and addresses in Myanmar with our street and route map. It is a part of the world that is captured in the picture. The satellite view shows Myanmar, the Southeast Asian country bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Full list of Google satellite map locations in Burma. Burma, also known as Burma, is located in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Satelite 3-D map of Burma

The 60° elevation of Burma is one of these pictures. For a more complete map, click the Detail pushbutton below the map. A different way to see Burma. Sure, this satellite 3D map is beautiful. However, there are good chances that you will like some other Burma map genres even more.

Choose a different look in the above chart and look at Burma from a different perspective. When you like this Burma map, please don't keep it to yourself. You can use the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ button to unlock a shortcut to this Burma map. Free map of Burma. Burma 3-D cards are available in a standard picture size.

You can find free pictures under the Free map above the map at. However, you can still get a whole hell of a whole new life when you go to Burma. Visiting Burma. Myanmar has much to show and see. Myanmar Burma offers. Through our partner you can get up to 50% discount on accommodation in many Burmese towns and areas.

For more information about the style and map projections see the Satellite 3-D Map of Burma above. The satellite map shows the Earth's upper face as it really looks. Above map is derived from satellite imagery from July 2004. The satellite map of Burma is for illustrative use only.

If you want more detail map information using recent satellite and airborne imagery, go to a detail map screen. Map projections are a way to convert points on an earth into points on a map. The 3-D map uses Plate Carree projections, a basic variation of the equivalent cylindric projections of antiquity.

To compare, the detail map of Burma uses Mercator projections instead. Mercator projections preserve the shape and angle of small surfaces better, but distort the surface area considerably.

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