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Aim Sanwei Goal Germany The topsheet is smoother than Hurricane 3 on a tough and vibrant pad. ⢠For most of Chinaâ??s elastomers, the more sticky one is the darker one and the tougher one is the redder. The National Target gum is more sticky and slow.

On the other hand, the erysipelas can be a good chop gum and is a very thorny one.

It can be a curtain gum because it is less tacky and quick. It' feeling like a Euro-Chinese synthetic elastomer. The Target National, an enhanced copy of the Target is a better option for 40+ new synthetic beads. The sophisticated manufacturing technology that covers the uneven top sheet with an ultra-thin, tacky gum sheet that ensures both high elasticity and a good spinning effect, combined with a pie pad that provides lasting and force.

Target National has already been chosen by many professionals around the globe. Clients who bought Sanwei Target National also bought: To enable the club mounting options on your basket, please put a knife and 2 blades in the basket. Gum FAQ and Guide - what you need to know when purchasing gum sheet.

Comparison of the gum reviews - check the reviews with other papers. It' the ultimative piece of China caoutchouc. Tough, ultra quick, ultra spiny and bizarrly accessible. Are you an aggressively gambler looking for a quick, thorny gum, you've come to the right place. A very well balance of contemporary China caoutchouc. Smooth top sheet and moderately stiff gum.

The National Target works better.

It'?s good rubbers. Way to go, Sanwei. I think this gum is great. I' ve seen all user feedback here and I think they may sell this gum a little tooshortly. Oh, I loved this gum! Thorny. Shocks can be very brief on order, good contact. May make extreme shortness of backpin serve, which forces the enemy to move.

Very sticky, may loose stickiness when playing, but becomes sticky again after being washed. It has a very hard-wearing surface, has the elastic on a wrist strap at the side of the desk, is not torn or has lost stickiness after being washed. I' ve been using the Target National for about six month on an Andro CSV+ (that's the knife I began with, and after almost two years I've been arming myself for an attacking blade).

It feels like I can do anything I want with these rubbers: loops, mend, pull, lock, drive, slash and well done. Being a low leveled teamplayer, who likes to play low leveled China curtain gum, I was defied by the classic H3 and always found a variation like the Skyline range or, if I play cleverly, the Tinarcs.

The best contemporary all-round classical piece from China, STN has a sticky surface and a stiff foam, but is quick enough and vibrant with the synthetic ball. STN still does everything a classical piece of paper can do (block, hack, slide, knock over the table), but add a little more punching to hit and loop directly.

Occasonal ballpanties with a fun but seldom enough not to be a hassle. ý It will look slightly battered but it will play well This is the first unreinforced China curtain gum I can use on my Yasaka Gatien Extra, and I still have the feeling that I have enough pace to score points.

Felt like a China gum for brief play, and then has a quick low bow when attack. And I wanted to find a gum that wouldn't get worn out in a few month. It' a much more long-lasting one. I' already have a pretty powerful first hand and I was interested in trying out a piece of China gum to develop my techniques further.

This has the characteristic of a sticky and stiff leaf. I' ve also seen that the gum is already harder on the first use and gets softer after 2-3 week while the technology adjusts in the meantime, which makes the game a little more pleasant overall.

Well, it's probably nearer to the H3 Provincial (which I tried for a moment), but this gum has a much smoother feel. Typically stiff and viscous gum with a lot of spins and speeds. However, it is very difficult. It' quite quick for it. High-grade spinning on serving, pushing, chop, patch, loops, drive and even smiashing is simple.

I love the gum! the gum does everything it says. turns like my nero ham and commercially. speeds is a little quicker than my ham, only disadvantages I found on this gum is its very heavier 56 gram slice. will try to make more and will upgrade this threads.

That gum is very quick, that is out of the question here. It' difficult to strike a loop without enforcing movement and touch. Playing gum for 5 month. It is very tacky, sluggish and tough. Domestic versions are not typically produced in China, such as the destination province. Cover plate thick and rigid. Hardened without reinforcing gum.

I' m going to write a review on this gum. I' ve been playing MUCH coatings to find a strong China bristleband. At last I tried T05, because I found a hardly used hand cheaper! Quick play, simple to use. Gum gives you what you tell it.

Straps are SIMPLE with this elastic. It was often impossible to undo my booster strap on the third orb. However, this gum is a loop-drive beast and a spin-attack-maschine. Altogether I am overwhelmed by this gum, and many of my enemies were too :-). You have or want a piece of China loose gum, you're an asshole if you don't try.

But not NEAR as many aisles as this gum, and nowhere near the pin.

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