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Have a break on the soft white sand of Cayo Santa Maria. The official site of Candlewood Suites Santa Maria. Address, phone number, email, reviews and photos of Santa Maria Travels & Tours Co Ltd. East of Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria is a shallow bay with healthy corals. It is also safe to travel Cartagena with Barranquilla and Santa Marta.

Green tourism blogs and items for sustainability in travel and ecology

This article is designed to stimulate eco-tourism for all lovers of travel and the outdoors. Only 25 unbelievably inspirational quotations about how to save our world from the world's most important conservationists, campaigners and researchers. When I was last in Patagonia, I was excited to find a way into the countryside that was at last accessible and completely beyond my expectation.

Would you like to know more about the sustained and ethic travel evolution? Follow these journals to find out how you can minimise your effects on the world while maximising the value of your outreach. It is one of the ever scarcer places where you can get totally out of the way in the countryside, only the sea, the sea and the sandy dune border you.

The Cachoeira da Solidão is wonderful and gives walkers the chance to relax and unwind in a fresh water swimming in the pool below autumn. Most of us have a tendency to ignore the environmental impacts of travel. Researchers and campaigners around the globe are talking about the adverse effects of long-distance travel on our planets.

To become a more environmentally responsible traveller, just take these five easy stages. Heritage of Patricia and Chester "Cactus Slim" Moorten, who pioneered early Palm Springs, the Botanical Garden of Moorten is a vibrant, family-owned heritage site that draws inspiration from the exceptional diversity and natural beauties of deserts from around the foreground.

Situated on the Costa Rican coastline of the Carribean, this protected area seems to be doing its best to resolve the complex issue of sloth conservation in a global environment where its habitats are becoming human. Local people say the Santa Maria fuselage will be gone in ten years, so take the chance to see this naval fuselage north of Boa Vista before it's too far off!

We' ve dug up 15 of the most inspirational wildlife and conservationists on Instagram, which you should immediately heed for a day full day's dosage of Madonna. Cheer up, explorer, travel is not as lasting as you might think. Use these simple hints to reduce your CO2 emissions on your next journey!

We have the best eco-friendly travel advice that will make a difference to your holidays this year. From buying local produce to packaging a small kit.

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