Sandoway Resort Ngapali Tripadvisor

Ngapali Sandoway Resort Tripadvisor

Only one international chain hotel in Ngapali Beach and it is the Hilton. Hotel Sanctuary - Sanctum Inle Resort - Sandalwood Hotel (Mawlamyine) - Sandalwood Hotel (Nyaungshwe) - Sandoway Resort - Sane Let Tin Resort Myanmar. The Sandalwood Hotel (Nyaungshwe) - Sandoway Resort - Sane Let Tin Resort Myanmar. Want to know what people on TripAdvisor are saying about this property? Check prices and find the best deal for Jade Marina Resort & Spa.

Residence in Sandoway - Review of the Sandoway Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

Stay in this motel for 5 nights at the end of our Myanmar itinerary. It is a beautiful idyllically situated motel, but with some lack. There was a seaside mansion right next to the swimming area. It is large and has a ground floor living room and a private bath room.

On the upper floor is the bedroom area with a large double berth (with mosquitonet ) and a small area for relaxation and a view from the windows overlooking the ocean and the sand. There is a seaside mansion with front deck chairs and better seats in the dining room.

We had very good appetizers, but the staple food we had on both occasion (we tried the place twice) was pricey, insipid and very small. There' s a very good place right opposite the guesthouse, which is much cheaper and the shellfish is delectable.

You will find several places to eat in this area, as well as a store where you can buy your beverages for much less than in the city.

Schönes Strandhotel - Review of Sandoway Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar

We' had five flawless evenings in this place and everything was verified. Lovely complex, lovely sandy spot, large swimming pools. It is situated in the centre of the Ngapali beaches in a peaceful area. Each room has its own, so that our English guests have no trouble, you don't have to book your seat early in the mornings.

It is a 15 minute hike northwards or southwards to the beacheside and PV café on the small isle. This is the best choice in Ngapali as far as we can tell.

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