The name General Pak comes from Sandimar: Korean name. Sandimar was founded in "Po'ipu". The Oxford Buddha Vihara Srbija shared Jao Sandimar's photo.

Fictitious Country Lists | Hawaii Five-O Biki

Here is a listing of fictitious lands that have been compiled by Hawaii Five-0 and its related serials. Sandimar was founded in "Po'ipu". Belgravia was founded in NCIS "Defiance" Aldoria, South America in "Plight at the Museum". Balio, Central America in "The Fast and the Nerdiest".

Norteguay, South America in "Faux Money Maux Problems". Rhondon, South America in Monkey Lake, Monkey Poo.

Po'ipu (episode)| Hawaii Five-O Tiki

5-0 must defend the general's general and the general's familiy in the investigation of the assassination, just for Steve to find one of his former SEAL pals is the real brains behind the attack. She tempts a manly watchman, David Atwater, before taking him to a room in a motel where she chokes him to death before collecting and walking while putting a "Do Not Disturb" label on the doors.

The Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, headed by Steve McGarrett, is entrusted with the case of how deaths can be linked to an impending relief summit over General Pak, a massive killing general from Sandimar. He is also meeting his Navy SEAL pal Nick Taylor, whose company is protecting General Pak.

The investigative process continues, the crew follows the murderer to a home. Based on prints, the crew finds out the murderer is ex-CIA, but they can't get into the CIA files, so Steve Nick Taylor, who worked for SAD, asks for help. Nick-nick IDs Raines and informs the crew she's a rental.

As they get a trail to raise, she tries to escape, gets hit by a coach and immediately die of her wounds. Later on, when General Pak arrives and the crew accompanies him, Kono gets the results from Raines' telephone showing that Rayne has been working with Nick Taylor.

Recognizing that Nick Taylor is launching an assault on General Pak, but the crew manage to flee with Pak and his wife and daughter and hid with Steve, where Pak discloses that he is only there to seeking and confessing his deeds. As Taylor and his squad come in and start attacking the home, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua fend off the invaders and protect Pak and his ancestors while Steve and Taylor fight alongside each other on the sands.

As Taylor gets the ledge, Steve succeeds in killing Taylor, ending the fight and resolving the case. On the next morning Steve and Danny are watching Pak and his whole household leave. DUFFLAIRE: Steve McGarrett: Danny Williams: Um, I don't know. Steve McGarrett: Danny Williams: I'm sure some misled folks do that, sure.

Steve McGarrett: Danny Williams: Steve McGarrett: I can help you with this response if you want. Response's zero, Danny. ick Taylor: ick Taylor: ick Taylor: I have been killing for God and the land for years. $5 million to keep Pak from giving evidence, and I'll cut you in. STEVETTE McGARrett: You know what?

ick Taylor: It was Danny Williams who murdered one man. Chu Ho Kelly murdered two men. ick TaylorMax MartiniSteve's navy pal who' s employed to defend General Pak. She is an assassin working for the CIA.

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