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It' s the home of everything. No matter whether you're visiting for the first time or a long-time resident, the Golden Gates of San Francisco welcome you all. Officially the city and district of San Francisco, San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. I've dedicated my entire career to serving San Francisco and all its residents. Discover the holidays in San Francisco and discover the best time and places to visit.

San Francisco University

fifteen where graduates meet unparalleled possibilities. USF is the only way to get you into the pulse of the future inventing cities - 47 sq. m. of power, optimization, learning, growing, placements and endless possibilities. Not your usual university place. The USF offers a range of educational, social, cultural, vocational and religious options that cannot be found on any other campsite. Where your transformation begins.

San Francisco and the USF have a great deal in common: power, variety, progress, opportunities. We' ve been growing up with the town for the last 150 years. We do not teach our pupils what to think, we teach them how to think.

Chamber of Commerce San Francisco

Through lobbying, commercial growth and entrepreneurial activities, we win, sustain and expand companies. San Francisco's Chamber of Commerce is the only organisation in the city that supports every company in every industry. We' re working together as exponents of the corporate world to make San Francisco a better place for everyone to work and be.

The San Francisco State University

If you' re a Gator, you' re following some rather formidable footprints. Join just a few of our outstanding graduates who make creative and innovative ideas possible around the world. Since 1993, this co-founder of the eLoan has been a key player in the adoption of the strict California Act on the Protection of Consumers' Personal Data. Physician and NASA Astronaut attached to the Johnson Space Center's Directorate of Astronautics and Life Sciences.

Living on the dirtiest block in San Francisco

AN FRANCISCO - The haypins, the droppings between parking vehicles, the golden broth seeping out of a large synthetic pouch on the kerb, and the dirty, fake Iranian rug drained at the edge. However, this is San Francisco, the country's technological capitol, where a tiny fraction of Hyde Street houses an open-air drugs store during the days and is filled at nights by the unprotected and drug-abused break-ins on the sidewalks.

Many other roads like these exist, but to some extent it is the filthiest bloc in the town. Only 15 minutes on foot away are the Twitter and Uber office, two businesses that, along with other name tag techies, have contributed to driving the media award for a San Francisco home well over $1 million.

These dichotomies of road criminality and global technologies, of luxurious condos and milling, prolonged hostility and the dehumanising impact on those compelled to be on the road are provoking indignation among the city's inhabitants. Many of those who inhabit the area find it hard to bring San Francisco's policies of liberalism into line with the poverty that is surrounding them.

Urban statistics indicate that the 300 acre Hyde Streets building, a wingspan about the length of a soccer pitch in the Tenderloin district, has suffered more than any other 2,227 clean streets and sidewalks complaint in the last ten years. It' s an incomplete measure - some blocs may be filthier, but have fewer phone conversations - but the 300s' inhabitants say they are not caught off guard by their rankings.

Jim Wilson, the San Francisco office geographer, and I went to take a look at the extent of the privation in a piece. As we walked through the neighbourhood, we saw the despair of the insane, the addicts, and the houseless, and learned of bitter inhabitants who said it would take much more than a brush to clear the town, long regarded as one of the lighthouses of American cityscape beauties.

In San Francisco, garbage has become such a common issue that in September the town set up a department to remove garbage from the pavements. A spokesperson for the Public Works Department, Rachel Gordon, described the new scheme as a "proactive entity for managing people' s waste". Around 8am, as mother brought her kids to class, we met Yolanda Warren, a hostess who works around the corner from Hyde Street.

Smells like a jalopy on the road. "Part of the fillet, you go and you sniff it and you have to keep your breath," Mrs. Warren said. Tenderloin has five mobile bathroom units for five unprotected individuals, but this has not prevented individuals from puking and passing urine in the street.

"There' re way too many folks out here who don't have houses," Mrs. Warren said. In the last five years, the number of houseless in San Francisco has been relatively constant - around 4,400 - and the pavements of the Tenderloin now look like a shelter.

In the last three years, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has reported that the downtown area has substituted more than 300 lantern posts that have been contaminated by dogs and humans with uroine. Last year, the Public Works Department and a non-profit organisation in Tenderloin took 100,000 pins off the road. With its own cannula reclamation programme, the Ministry of Health has a more worrying number:

In August alone, 164,264 pins were recovered, both through a waste management programme and road cleaning. Since 1982, Larry Gothberg, a facility management man who has been living on Hyde St., has kept a photograph of the consumers of cannabis he sees firing on the roads. The Hyde is located in the centre of Tenderloin, a district of ageing subsidised one-bedroom apartments, Viet Nam and Thailand dining, coin-operated laundries and organisations devoted to assisting the needy.

According to Mr. Gothberg, studios in Hyde St cost around $1,500, cheaper in a town where the average rental for flats is $4,500. Many of the individuals we encountered in Hyde St differed between the inhabitants of the Tenderloin, many of them immigrants and those who referred to them as "street dwellers" - the unprotected drugs consumers who gather and store along the pavements, and the traffickers who sell crack cocaine, smack, and a wide range of amplihetamines.

Disagreements among the road people are widespread and sometimes lead to violent behaviour. "It' like the country of the dying," said Adam Leising, a Hyde Streets inhabitant. When we visited the neighbourhood, passing a man creased on the floor next to empty beers and garbage, Mr. Leising said that the everyday glances of despair took him to the edge of depressive.

Mr. Leising, the creator of the Lower Hyde Streets Association, a non-profit organization that cleans up the streets, believes the town will not take action against drugs trafficking on the bloc because it does not want it to expand elsewhere. Tenderloin PD has published on its Twitter news that trafficking is "the most important topic affecting the lives of people.

" To date, Tenderloin officials have made more than 3,000 detentions this year, 424 of them for drug trafficking. "That'?s one of our priorities," said Grace Gatpandan, a spokesperson for the department, about the fillet. Ms Breed has said she will be providing another 1,000 homes for the homeless over the next two years, but she is also addressing a relatively small group of street dwellers who she says cannot help themselves.

Ms. Breed's Bureau says that 12 per cent of those using the San Francisco department of public health service represent 73 per cent of the cost. According to the ward, the vast majority currently have health, mental and material problems. One Saturday mornin' in September, she passed a lady on Hyde Street who had looked at herself on the sidewalk and was getting ready to put a needle in her hands.

We passed by a hairdresser on Hyde Street one day in the afternoons. Gustafik opened Mister Hyde two years ago to avoid the high rental prices in San Francisco city center, where he was offered a $10,000 a month rental for a similarly small room. He has been fighting with neighbourhood drugs consumers since the opening on Hyde Street, who are breaking the branch of a London sycamore in front of his store and using the stick to wash their Crackpillen.

Gustafik's wish, the municipality guarded the fifth of the trees with woven wires, as used in suburbs to deter starving stags. Towards evening and at dark the 300 cubic metre Hyde becomes an improvised grocery and garage sale. In the morning hours, crew from the local town and privately owned organisations arrives to collect pins and garbage.

Each year, the U.S. government invests $70 million in clean roads, far more than any other U.S. government agency investigated in a recent one. For the last three years Mario Montoya Jr. has been working in the public works department of the town, where he has cleaned the roads. While one of the other municipal employees was washing the pavement, Mr. Montoya described a cyclone of Sisyphus cleansing and dirt:

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