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Planning your first time on Koh Samui or elsewhere in Thailand? Discover Ko Samui holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Though the beach is always good for children, Thailand is twice as much fun. Koh Samui, a small island off the coast of Thailand, is one of Asia's most popular islands. Large discounts on Samui Hotels, Thailand.

Top 10 Errors to Prevent on Your First Journey to Koh Samui

Odd but real.... I did so poorly packaged for my first journey to Thailand that my failures inspire this whole website and later the Koh Samui Guide. Do you plan your first visit to Koh Samui or elsewhere in Thailand? In that case, please rent my "older and smarter" top 10 bugs to prevent them.

You' re welcome to join us. I was in Thailand and Koh Samui for the first the fifteen years ago in August this year. However, the most terrible thing about a poor pile was a cutoff jeans - it was far too brief for Thailand's humble crop and far too warm for the tropical regions. In order to make it even harder, I coupled the trousers with an Avril Lavigne-like top and went to Koh Samui's Big Buddha.

What can I do to prevent my error? I had come back to Koh Samui five years later and I resolved that it was my obligation to humanity to help well-intentioned individuals come to Thailand with half a cue. Browse through these two proven guidebooks and you can start packing like a professional for Thailand.

To get off to a good flying start, your Koh Samui package should contain a smart fly repellent, slippers and plenty of lines. What can you do to prevent a poor quality fault on the shore? What can I do to prevent my error? Buy Koh Samui's best: Anyone who enjoys doing their own buying can go straight to the useful section of The Koh Samui Guide.

Take a look at the best things to buy in Thailand and often remember that Thai silks are much simpler to wrap than a huge trip. In the hope of leaving Koh Samui with a lot of treats? Apart from the sight, my greatest pity on my first trip to Thailand was horse back ride on an bull.

Then I had no clue and thought I was "intrepid in Asia". What can I do to prevent my error? Prior to getting near an Elephant in Thailand, use (A) my review and (B) today's web to conduct your basic research on animals on Koh Samui.

What is the best way to inform a first-time user in Thailand? Search for the one who seriously underestimates the Thai suntan. All my whole familiy just put a coneflower between us, and we spend more on sunblock than on any souvenirs. Find out how much things on Koh Samui are costing.

What can we do to prevent our mistakes? Please be aware that sun protection on Koh Samui is 150-300% more for the same cylinder than on Amazon. Make a lot of money and get it from home! In order to get to know Koh Samui, we hired a non air-conditioned truck. Find out how to get to Koh Samui with your hire cars (and - most importantly - how to buy the extras for an air-conditioned vehicle).

Notice that Koh Samui has a crazy-high crash rates for his most frequent type of touristic transport: motorcycles and motorcycles (and as such we recommend renting a scooter). Whatever - no matter when you come, where you are or what you want to do during your time on Samui - make sure that you come with a high-quality holiday insuran.

On my first Koh Samui voyage, I had SO.MUCH.PAD.THAI. For 14 years the whole isle has been eaten, almost every kitchen man knows. It was only at the end of my journey that I realized that Koh Samui Dawn was such a mysterious, magic show. I am not an early bird, so I can urge you to listen to a Thai dawn and not to ring like a complacent lyric.

So you can savour a "lazy sunrise" every single holiday day: You' ll get up, observe the sun rise, then go back to sleep and hopefully there'll be some fat remaining at later. Setting your alarms to Koh Samui's morning and rising time. So we kayaked, fell in love with it, drove on and went out into the big, frightening sea.

They were" these" visitors and we completely misjudged the sea current. Arrival in Thailand with a sound regard for the sea, especially around Koh Samui, where streams and animals occasionally cause a commotion. I now know exactly where Koh Samui is, in the breadth. What can I do to prevent my error? Do not say the words "Oh, I never burn" in Thailand.

And your coneflower for Thailand? My last samui in the Magic Alambic Distillery on my last date I'discovered' Koh Samui Romania (and never handled another Breezer). Today, thanks to the passing of the years, there is a wider selection of beverages on Koh Samui. I have just been updating the results of 14 years of alcohol research in The Koh Samui Guide.

If you want to have the Bacardi rainy bow, Koh Samui Tesco has your back free. Many times I say that the Koh Samui Guides are the guides I would have wished for from the beginning. However, my first journey to Koh Samui was still a great holiday - I trust it will be yours.

Anyway, if you want the crib note Samui to like a pro... I wrote it. You' re welcome to join us.

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