Samsung Aircon Price in Myanmar

The Samsung Aircon Award in Myanmar

A/C Aircon & Inverter Award in Malaysia Each of the above mentioned specification and description may differ from the real one. It is Samsung's right to make changes to this website and the products described herein at any time without Samsung's being required to notify you of such changes. Any and all functions, characteristics, specs, GUI and other information on this website, as well as, but not restricted to, the advantages, the designs, the prices, the component parts, the performances, the availabilty and the abilities of the products may be changed without prior announcement or commitment.

Buy Air conditioning - Buy AC' s for the best price in Malaysia

Today, most apartments and office buildings are equipped with AC systems. In addition, A/C systems avoid superheat of electronics such as smart phones, PCs and more. The Samsung range includes three kinds of ACs: AC panel mount, AC cartridge and ACs. The Samsung A/C units are available in different versions, which are characterized by different capacities and designs.

They are available with outputs from 1 HP to 2.5 HP. These 360 cartridge A/C units are available in 2.5 HP to 4.5 HP versions. There are two different types of filters available: A small household appliance, for example, is perfect for home use, while a large-capacity 360 cm cartridge A/C system is perfect for an offi ce.

Well, let's take a look at the various functions of Samsung ac' s in detail. If you need an invertor A/C system, an HVAC system, an HVAC system or a cartridge HVAC system, Samsung's comprehensive product line meets all your requirements. All of the above can be purchased on-line or at a Samsung Retail outlet near you.

New Mitsubishi Electric branch in Yangon

MESsubishi Electric Corp said that its Singapore affiliate, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd, will set up a facility in Yangon. Said the Japan electronic giants that the new offices, which will go into operation on April 25, will co-ordinate Mitsubishi Electric's effort to grow the Myanmar operation by doing research, gathering information and supporting infrastructural initiatives and supporting community dealers.

Kohji Maruyama's offices are in the Union Business Centre on Nat Mauk Rd. In Myanmar, the pace of external investments for developing Myanmar's infrastructures and SEZs has accelerated in recent years due to democratization and macroeconomic reform. For many years Mitsubishi Electric has been distributing Myanmar based product and service offerings, mainly in the energy industry, for the expansion of infrastructures, starting with the delivery of transformer systems for a hydropower station in 1960.

Since the 90s, the firm has also supplied HVAC units for homes and businesses, household devices such as fridges and electrical ventilators, industrial automations and lifts and staircases through distribution companies. In the financial year ended 31 March 2013, Mitsubishi Electric generated revenue of USD 37.9 billion.

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