Sample Rural Development Project Proposal

Example rural development project proposal

Support for rural development cooperation. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT. The project information sheet; Currency and dimensions; List of abbreviations;

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Proposal for a project to strengthen rural households through self-sufficiency ....

This is a very interesting proposal for young businessmen who want to do social marketing and work for rural poverty and especially for those who are interested in empowerment of mothers. PROJECT PROPOSAL, WHICH ENABLES RURAL WOMAN TO BECOME SELF-EMPLOYED AND MEET THEIR BASIC NEEDS THROUGH VARIOUS MEANS OF WORK.

After 66 years of autonomy, the results of development have not come to the benefit of those in need in the community, as there are enormous supply system issues, with the consequence that although Govt has invested enormous amounts in rural development, due to a failure of coordination between different divisions, the anticipated results have not been attained.

Taking into account the above aspects, we want to create and deploy a one-of-a-kind supply system that would enable the single familiy to fulfill all their essential requirements and achieve economic freedom to achieve higher objectives in live. RURAL FILM BASICS: It is noted that the rural families are confronted with daily difficulties.

Kompetenzbasierte training and development of enterprise. You will earn money by growing moringa trees and giving nutritional supplement. It is our aim to cover the essential needs of all members of the household in order to keep them well. We' ll give them the products developed by the community self-help group so that an income-generating activities starts and every single member of the household benefits.

The above needs are met by offering SHG's wives earning possibilities and support with lending and early-reimbursement. Earthworms and worm compost have a good cost on the open air markets, so we are hoping that this project will provide the group with a good source of revenue.

6. 2 ) Commercialisation of solar-dried agricultural produce.

9th place overall savings/earnings is Rs.1500/ per months, so that the host familiy will save Rs.750/ per months even after payment of the normal rate of max. 750/ per months. It is our aim to provide health and accident insurance services for all households from their own personal financial resources, who take account of all eventualities and also help them in the event of accident.

It is therefore a one-of-a-kind programme to strengthen rural womens, which helps them to overcome the day-to-day difficulties they face in their livelihood. Improve your life by securing your incomes through a small scale entrepreneurial approach. The general improvements in general through more nutritious nutrition and the infants, old humans, expecting mothers will be in good physical shape and newborn infants will also show this improvements.

On an international scale, it has been proven that if we spend 1 hr on satisfying the fundamental needs of the family, the overall economic rate of increase is 8-9 cents, which is about 8-9 cents of the initial one. If we can therefore apply this example in rural areas, we will see economic expansion exponentially and give great momentum to the rural population's buying capacity, which will put all industries on the road to fast ingrowth.

We therefore strongly support the fact that all of India's finance institutes can take this proposal into consideration and implement it in every country in order to initiate a green and economic revolution in India.

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