Sam's Trekking Kalaw

Sam's Trekking Kalaw

I' m travelling to Myanmar in February and wanted to do the trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Sam's Family Restuarant: Great trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake! Sam's family trekking is the most popular.

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On the evening before we hiked with our friend and friends and the evening before we had to pay a bail of 10 usd. In our group of four the overall prize per persons was 45 usd. The next morning we came (after we had to call them because the pickup truck never showed up at our hotel) just to find out that the cost was now 60 usd per group.

So I asked why we should be punished if the costs were 45 usd. Maybe they should be named Uncle Sam's trekking. Most of the people we spoke to were very satisfied with the quality of our services.

Astonishing hike from Kalaw to Tole - Review of Sam's Family Restuarant, Kalaw, Myanmar

Arriving in Kalaw, it was simple to make a hike with Sam. It was Sam who took the necessary amount of explaining the different trails we have to take according to the weathers. Crossing the towns of Pao and Danu, we made many stopovers to have a cup of tee with the village people, saw many crops (ginger, pumpkin, rice...) The leaders took themselves a moment to understand the way of life of the people.

Our lunches and dinners were in the villagers' homes and we stayed in the villagers' homes. For us the 2 chefs have prepared a very good meal. It took us two and a half day to have a drink with our leader before we brought the ship to our hotels.

Uncle Sam" restaurant owners also offer a trekking guidebook from Kalaw to Inle Lake. 2 hiking holidays with 2 experienced mountain bike riders and we would not advise you to rent a tour through Uncle Sam. The 2 day tour with very few explanation and almost no pauses and no snack or meal.

We had to take only 1 tank of bottled running creek with us, because we would have teabreaks, which didn't work. Leaders didn't really talk to us (their English levels were low and they didn't go to much trouble to talk to us and give us any kind of backgrounds about the towns and/or countryside we saw).

We were staying in a monastery, which didn't happened, and we ended up in a guest house in a very small town.

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