grey-necked saluki

Salukis, one of the oldest dog breeds, were once considered a gift from Allah. The Saluki, once known as the Persian greyhound or gazelling dog, has long been considered one of the oldest breeds. Find out everything about Saluki Dogs. Here you will find all Saluki Dog Breed information, pictures of SalukiDogs, training, photos and care tips.

The Saluki Dog Breed information, pictures, features & facts

Racy characteristics:

They train better and are relatively uncomplicated.

Certain races ring more often than others.

Certain races are freer than others.

The pharaohs chased gazelle and rabbits with Salukis, who often worked with hawks.

Saluki were widely spread in the Middle East and could be found in Persia (now Iran), Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Arabia.

The interest in the Saluki has slowed in the United States.

Salukis may have the following problems:

If the Saluki is not in an enclosure, keep it on a lead.

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