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The way it works

Things to do in salotherapy? Salotherapy (also called halotherapy) is the nebulisation of very small saline grit. It is used for two reasons: it is adversely affected, like oxigen, and therefore has the capacity to combat aerobic airway infection - and - by means of osmotic action, pulls mucous out of the airway, which facilitates respiration.

If you put for example sliced potatoes in salted or salted waters, the inside of the sliced potatoes will be directed towards the salted waters. When our respiratory tract is blocked with a great deal of slime, the existence of minute saline crystals in the saline treatment pulls the liquid away from the slime and shrinks and dries it out.

Phlegm has an important part to play in our breathing system as it captures airborne pathogens, bacterial and viral agents. However, if the mucous is not evacuated from the spleen, it becomes poisonous, reduces the pulmonary capacity and blocks the airway. Therefore, saline treatment is useful to reduce the amount of mucous present. Simultaneously, compressed gas is blown through the filters, which contain minute crystallized saline grit.

The saline particulates are blowed into the atmosphere. As they inhale, they migrate through the airways above and below, break open the mucous and increase the flow of aeration.

Salt Plus Salt Therapy UK

At First 4 Meeds we are the exclusive retailer of Salin Plus products. Inside InSalin® Saltpipe Inhaler is a groundbreaking handheld unit for treating salts naturally, which makes breathing easier and can be used at any time and anywhere. Advantages of saline treatment are due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Breathed in, the micro-particles of salts deeply enter the lung, which can help to loosen and eliminate blockades and free themselves from slime and alien irritants.

Salin Plus uses microcrystalline salt, which is faned by the atmosphere to alleviate respiratory problems. At First 4 Meeds we are the authorized retailer of Salin Plus salt therapy products. Saline Plus purifiers help asthma, chest infections and sinusitis. Purchase Salin Plus Purifiers and Replacement Filters from First 4 Mels.

If you have any further queries about Salin Plus, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone on 0151 728 8823.

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