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The Telugu daily newspaper is based in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. News from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Latest Breaking News, pictures, videos and special reports from The Economic Times. See Sakshi TV live telugu news channel. At Kakinada we collect Kakinada and the whole East Godavari district information like collection of news, classifieds, cinema news, railway information etc.

Andhra Pradesh, Mon, 9 July 18

Sakshi. com, the Sakshi Group' on-line news site, brings you news from around the globe. Capture the political, economic, sporting, scientific, entertaining and technological developments of a group that pioneered the launch of the latest technological developments in the Telugu newspaper Sakshi in Andhra Pradesh and revolutionised radio reportage by premiering high definition TV and delivering the highest video content to audiences.

Locally, nationally and internationally. Sakshipost. com is another first on the website, offering contents tailored to some of our customers who wish to receive high value in English, regional, domestic and global news and other media coverage.

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