Sakawar Guest House

Zakawar Guest House

The Sakawar is closer to the beach than the other guest house, which is licensed for foreigners in the area, and has simple rooms with fans and a shared bathroom. Second place I recommend is the Sakawar Guesthouse, which is located opposite the Kanthaya Beach Hotel and Resort sign. Ganeshpuri Gurudev Chaya Guesthouse. Aung Chan Thar, Sakawar and Royal Rose are some good guesthouses.

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The Kanthaya Beaches is a wonderful part of Myanmar, unspoiled and unexplored by visitors. All of the beaches themselves used to be a Kanthaya Hotel and Resort, which was opened in 1995 for the military's anniversary. But it didn't remain open for long and now there are only a few small remnants between the street and the shore.

It is a very small area, with a street, a few guest homes and a few diners, and between the vast golden sand beaches there is a wood of palm trees in which the residence was located. Unfortunately, this will not take long, as the plans for another resorts are underway.

Canthaya can be accessed from either Yangon or Ngapali. Ngapali is the starting point for the buses (a large air-conditioned bus) which leave either at 6.00 - 7.00 or 14.00 for about 10.000 km and arrive at 11.00 in Kanthaya. I don't know when the coach will leave Yangon, but many guest houses should be able to make reservations for you.

Kanthaya has four guest houses. Bungalows, situated between the shore and the street next to the large fish shop and opposite the raft. Second place I suggest is the Sakawar Guesthouse, opposite the Kanthaya Hotel and Resort sign. Canthaya is small, which means there's not much to do here besides enjoying a wonderful long piece of long whitewashed sand all to yourself, swimming in the incredible clear and hot ocean and stumbling around in a swimsuit (or a swimsuit if you're a man!) without a line of natives asking for your painting or letting you know that they do it.

You can hire a whole vessel for about 30,000 KS and be taken to Duck or Monkey Islands north of Kanthaya. On the side streets of Kanthaya are the many fishermen's towns behind the palm cocos. The Mdkyno mountain (which is more like a hill) is also a nice stroll and offers a nice and quiet view of the surroundings.

It is five min. from the fishermen's village. Sakawar Guest House offers you the possibility to hire a bike, although the cost for the whole days is much higher than anywhere else in Myanmar. But still a great opportunity to see and explore Kanthaya's paradise!

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