Said the Fox

The Fox said

Antioine de Saint-Exupéry - Goodbye, said the fox. That's when the Fox appeared. " Good morning," said the Fox.

Little Prince: Chapters 21

"The Fox said good morrow." "The little prince answered polite, but when he turned around, he saw nothing. "I' m right here', said the voice,'under the fruit trees. "The little darling asked, "Who are you?" and added: "You're very beautiful to look at. "The fox said, "I am a fox.

"The little prince suggested, come and have a game with me." "I can' t toy with you," said the Fox. "Ah! Please forgive me," said the little prince. "The Fox said, "You don't reside here." "I' m looking for men," said the little duke. "The Fox said, men.

" "No, " said the little Prince. "It is an act that is too often neglected," said the Fox. "That', said the Fox. "I' m beginning to understand," said the little darling. "It is possible," said the Fox. "The little son of a bitch said, "Oh, but that's not on Earth!"

"The Fox said my world is very monotone. You do have colored golden bristles. "The fox looked at the little princely man for a long while. "Please domesticate me!" he said. "I' m very welcome," the little darling answered. "I don't have much work. I' ve got a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to comprehend.

" "You can only hear what you tame," said the fox. "There is no more for men to know. "The little darling asked, "What must I do to subdue you?" "The next morning, the little Prince returned. "The Fox said it would have been better to return at the same moment.

I' ll be feeling more and more happy as the lesson progresses. I will never know what moment my mind is prepared to welcome you. "The little duke asked, "What is a rite?" "These are also acts that are too often neglected," said the Fox.

"It is they who distinguish one foray from another, one forte from another. However, if the hunter would dance at any moment, every single morning would be like every other and I should never go on holiday. "Ah," said the fox, "I will weep. "It'?s your own fault," said the little darling.

" "The fox said. "Now you' re going to cry!" said the little darling. "The fox said. "The fox said it did me good because of the colour of the grain pad. Now you will realize that yours is the only one of its kind in the whole wide universe.

and I' m gonna give you a little present. "The little Prince went away to look at the angels again. "You' re nothing like my rose," he said. A common passer-by would think that my flower looks just like you - the flower that is mine.

But, in itself, it is more important than all the hundred of you other roses: because it is it that I have soaked; because it is it that I have placed under the ball of crystal; because it is it that I have housed behind the television monitor; because I have slain the crawlers for it (except the two or three that we have rescued to become butterflies); because it is it is it that I have heard when it murmured or bragged, or sometimes when it said nothing.

Cause she' s my card. "Goodbye," he said. "Goodbye," said the fox. "The essence is hidden to the eye," the little Prince reiterated, so that he can safely recall. "It' the quality of your life that makes your flower so important. "It is the precious moment I have spent on my rose," said the little darling, so that he would surely recall.

"The fox said, people have forgot this fact. You' re in charge of your roses...... "I am in charge of my rose," the little Prince replied, so that he can surely recall.

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