Saddar Cave Hpa an

Hpa Saddar Cave at

Are you looking for a hotel near Saddar Cave, Hpa-An? When you are tired of visiting monasteries and temples around Hpa An, Saddar Cave makes a good half day trip from Hpa An. Hpa-an Saddar Cave - Review of Sadan Cave, Hpa An, Myanmar

Hire a motorbike and take a full excursion to Kyat Ka Lat, Kawtgun Cave and Ya Thay Pyan Cave. It is well-worthwhile to visit this cave and see all its breathtaking woodcarvings and wonderful Buddha-statures.

At the beginning of the cave, after taking many pictures, I thought it was very dim that I had a small flare with me. I found the path very slick and sometimes precipitous on a stand with one handed and all my equipment in my rucksack, I thought it would be better for me to turn around and go back to the door.

It was disappointing, yes, but it also gave me a better opportunity to take many more pictures of the cave door without anyone being in my pictures, as I thought this area with its Buddha sculptures and woodcarvings was simply breathtaking. They are all definitely deserving a visit, especially as it is a large cave with many sculptures and great view.

The first journey was 10 years ago and reached the entry only because of strong rains. It was not possible to participate in the cruise as the first journey took place during the wet seasons. A cruise can be offered at low tide to cross the cave. It' really astonishing to go into the cave, take a cruise and go to the door.

Don't neglect to take a flare and be conscious that the ground is very slick, but it is definitely a worthwhile trip because of all the Buddha's, the different colours of the rock inside and the boating at the end in a really small boot. Were you in the Sadan Cave?

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