Saddar Cave

Cave Saddar

The caves are full of Buddhist statues, incredible rock formations and an abandoned lagoon. Saddar is a must in Hpa An among several caves. You will find the perfect Saddar Cave floor photo.

addar Cave - Hpa-An, Myanmar (Burma)

The Saddar Cave, like other holy places in Myanmar's Zwegabin Mountains, has been adorned with centuries of Buddhist sculptures over the years. There is a precipitous, sweeping step at the foot of such a hill. At the top, a small trail takes you to the Saddar Cave, which has been carved out of the crag.

Buddha figures, such as street signposts of all possible forms and dimensions, lure the visitor into the dark. One of the cave's right side is a large tile of gold miniatures that are not much larger than the size of a card. In the interior of the hill, the faces of Buddhaist statuary sometimes shimmer into the gaze as you walk through the dark.

While Karen State is known for its Buddhist places, Saddar Cave is truly a wonder of nature and a sacred place. A part of the cave radiates a sunbeam directly onto one of the biggest caves. On the way to the open sea, a native guide, equipped with a kayak next to a shallow wood boat, continues your trip out of the cave into an untouched freshwater lake.

Cave of Saddar or hell on earth

When we returned from the convent on Mount Zwegabin to our guesthouse in Hpa An, we were quite sleepy, but we still had almost the whole morning ahead of us, and I resolved to go to Saddan Cave. Continue - to get a motorized cab to the cave.

Amazingly, I began to run towards the cave, but I didn't know that yet. When I reached the cave happy, I saw two huge elephant and a stairway that led to the inside. There are Buddha's, stupa and gold frescos at the cave itself. There are already monastic looking structures next to the entry, here I found some of them.

Wondering if they will be introducing pay for entering this "sacred cave". It got a hundred-yard from the stupa and I had to use my headlamp. It' a rather moist cave with a watery, glippery muddy bottom. It' a big cave. In some places, the headlamp couldn't get the same amount of it.

This cave is full of tralagmites and galactites that stand and hang around. Twothirds of the way through the cave is an opening with some lights. The cave is 10-15 min. from here and it takes you to a small pond. Once you get used to the tone, however, it doesn't seem as frightening.

Skipper of the ship was a smile-haired old man with a hand towel on the top ;-) As we floated out of the cave, I captured the instant my dad threw his net into the river with my film. On the way back we went back to the cave.

The cave was already illuminated on the way back. The lamps I had seen before were all on and it was much simpler to leave. And I didn't even need my headlamp anymore. It was not so terribly obscure and full of shrieking bat, it was full of people.

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