Sadan Cave Myanmar

Myanmar Sadan Cave

A short walk in the cave, then a boat ride! If you visit Hpa-an from Kayin State, you should not miss Sadan Cave. The next one was the Sadan Cave, one of the most discussed places in Hpa An. Starbucks, Sadan Cave, Eindu, Kayin State, Burma.

Cave Saddan

About The cave is located at the south end of Khayon Mountain and two leagues from the small town Eindu. It has a small cave entry, about 8 foot width, 75 foot above the floor and is just stunning. There is a walk-in cave, tens of Buddha sculptures, a few couples and some newer murals.

Turn right at Saddan Cave (Saddar Cave, Sadan Cave, Seren Cave) (300 meters 300 meters eastwards of the Clock Tower into Ka Lar Tan Strait and continue on this path about 14 km southbound. After another 500 metres there is a dirt track on the right, with a small leafy shield facing southwards towards the cave.

An enormous cave full of a Buddha stone, a lying Buddha sculpture, a pit and many other Buddha objects. Today there are lights, but don't miss (?) to take your boots when you enter the cave, go further and through the part of the cave (about 500 m).

On the other end of the river you will find a boat for a beautiful ride on the pond and another cave (about 1.000 kyat). 1,000 kyats to donate. Get better. buil Year established: n.a. directions How to get there: local_phone n.a. your way to us Approximate taxitari: n.a. directions_bus Directions: n.a. see maps below: help_outline Get a free quote for a Myanmar sightseeing cruise to see this place. just Enter a stars review for this place or leave an excl: Comments below:

Myanamar's mystical caves directory

Burma has researched and left behind a dozen of mystical caverns. A few empty and some full of Buddha sculptures and pagodas. It is interesting to see them because they make Myanmar culturally and historically valuable. I would like to take you to some of the astonishing Myanmar caverns that will be fascinating this year.

The Pho Win Taung is a Buddhist cave ensemble in Monywa on the west shore of the Chindwin River. Its name means "mountain of isolated solitary meditation". There are 947 small and large, lavishly adorned caverns in the area. It' hewn into a rock of rocky rock and contains many Buddha sculptures and wall murals with geometrical designs and Jakata-fictions.

Sculptures and pictures were dating from the fourteenth and eighteenth century. In contrast to other renowned Buddha ist cave like Pindaya, the Pho Win Taung cave have fewer people, but they are much appreciated by those who have been there. I' m sure the Pho Win Taung caverns could be one of the most intriguing places in Myanmar.

It is a tranquil sanctuary from the XIV centuries with 30 entries or thirty cave. About 10 minutes walking distance from Pon Nya Shin in sagaing, U Min Thonze Cave is famous for its 45 wonderful gold-plated Buddha pictures in a crescent-shaped columnade, each Buddha sculpture is one of a kind in different shapes and shapes.

All of them represented one year that Gawtama Buddha was teaching. The cave is a place where most of us find it pleasant to be in and enjoy the good view from the cave. Sadan Cave is more than just a cave with Buddha statues. This cave is known more as an adventurous cave than as a beautiful one.

You' ll find it interesting to go through the cave. On the other side of the cave, the miracles just get bigger. You' ll find a mysterious pond full of canards and blooming flowers, hiding in a shell of rugged crags. On the other side of the pond there is another cave, half of which is floating.

Burma is a fascinating land of miracles and the cave is one of them. When you are planning to visit Myanmar, make a reservation at the cheapest Myanmar hotels in Jovago!!!!

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