Sadan Cave Hpa an

Hpa Cave Sadan at

Star Trek, Sadan Cave, Hpa An Picture: Shark Sin is a smaller cave in the neighbouring hill. The Sadan Cave is an impressive cave of religious significance near Hpa An in the state of Karen. Hpa An is the capital of Kayin State Myanmar (Burma). And there is a beautiful Saddan cave, which is the largest and longest cave in Kayin State.

Siddan & Hai Sin caverns (Hpa An)

The Saddan Cave is a well-known sanctuary south-east of Hpa An in the state of Kayin. Shark Sin is a smaller cave in the neighboring hills. The name Saddan means Royal Elephant and at the foot of the stairs to the cave there are 2 elephant stones. Stairs from here take you up to the cave's corridor, which is more or less a one-way corridor with a brief side corridor almost halfway along.

On the right side there is a cave drive through the mound, which is passable by boat. A walk across the field of padis takes you to Haisin Gu (Tuskless Elephant Cave). There is a muddy hillside leading up to the cave, which is more or less a unique place with a beautiful stable.

Saddan is the longest known cave in the state of Kayin at 800m and the fifth longest in Myanmar. Sharkin is 300m away. Pictures of Saddan Cave: More pictures of Saddan Cave and Shark Cave.


S' gaw Karen (????, Burmese: ????????????, pronounced[ ?à? mjo?] also called Pa-An) is the capitol of Kayin State (also known as Karen State), Myanmar (Burma). From the 2014 count, the number of inhabitants of Hpa-An will be 421,575. The majority of the Hpa-An are Karen nationalities. Hpa An has a tropic moon climatic (Köppen-Klimaklasse Am).

The temperature is very hot all year round, although the highest temperature during the rainy and cloudy seasons is somewhat subdued. It has a wintry arid period (November-April) and a rainy period in spring and autumn (May-October). The Hpa-An is connected by plane with Yangon, Mawlamyine and Hpapun. We also have Hpa-An to Yangon, Mawlamyine, Myawaddy and other cities.

Twiggabin United FC was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Hpa-An.

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