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It is RwandAir Limited, the leading airline in Rwanda. Use the web check-in function of Rwandair Express and print your boarding pass from home and go directly to the security check at the airport. Rwandair Express offers you the best Rwandair Express tickets, book your flight and fly with Rwandair Express at the lowest cost. Reservations / Online Check In / Baggage policy / Freight. RWANDAIR EXPRESS web check in facility to get your boarding pass and drive directly to the airport.


Be careful not to put the objects listed in this table in your carry-on or hold luggage. The following objects may not be carried in your cabin luggage for safekeeping. In order to minimise discomfort, we recommend that you either register these objects or place them in your hold baggage:

Replacement/Lo ose battery packs, which include rechargeable or rechargeable battery packs, for handheld electronics and electrical benches. Protect these rechargeable battery packs separately to avoid shorts. Equipment for monitoring chemical warfare agents when transported by personnel of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on mission. Barring equipment such as Mace, pepperspray, etc. containing an irritating or rendering unusable for use.

Electricigarettes ( (including electric ovens, electric tubes, other custom evaporators) that contain rechargeable battery packs and must be separately guarded to avoid unintentional use. Notice: Electroshock guns (e.g. teasers) containing hazardous goods, e.g. explosive, pressurized gas, lithumbatteries, etc. Replacement gas tanks and gas tanks for mobile electronics such as mobile phone, laptops and camcorder.

No more than one (1) unit per occupant and up to two (2) replacement cartridge per occupant, no more than four (4) cartridge up to 50 ml volume of the same for other units. Replacement cylinder of similar sizes, if necessary, to guarantee a sufficient level of care for the length of your trip.

Rechargeable litres batteries: Safety features with lithumbatteries, e.g. hand-metaldetector. Rechargeable litres batteries: Wearable electrical appliances containing LDM or Li-ion cell or battery, which includes health care products such as POCs (portable oxygen concentrators) and entertainment products such as camcorders, cell telephones, laptop computers and pills when transported by occupants for use.

The maximum limit for rechargeable battery capacity is 2 grams for rechargeable and 100 Wh (20,000 mAh) for rechargeable lithium-ion pack. Liquiumbatteries with a watt-hourly output of more than 100 Wh to 160 Wh for entertainment electronics and portable medical equipment (PMED) or with a concentration of more than 2 to 8 grams of lithhium only for the PMED.

Two (!) replacement lead-acid cells at most. Protect these cells separately to avoid shorts. Rechargeable Li-Ion powered electronics. Rechargeable lithium-ion for handheld (including medical) electronics with a Wh greater than 100 Wh to 160 Wh (. Lithium-metal for handheld electronics from 2 grams to 8 grams).

Walkie-talkies or similar mobile equipment with leak-proof rechargeable water tanks or with IATA special regulation compliant batteries: Batterypowered wheeled chairs or similar mobile equipment with leak-proof or non folding rechargeable lithhium cells. Rechargeable cells can be taken out and separately packaged in thick and stiff packaging with absorbing materials.

Rechargeable accumulator driven transport equipment with lithium-ion rechargeable cells (collapsible), lithium-ion rechargeable cells must be taken out and stored in the Cab. Notice: Hand-held electronics with leak-proof rechargeable cells, max. 2 replacement cells, The cells must comply with the IATA DGR specific standard: Radioisotope pacemaker or other equipment supplied by rechargeable lithic cells, placed in a subject or used outside the subject, or radiopharmaceutical products present in the subject's system as a product of medicinal use.

Safety cases, cassettes, wallets, etc. with harmful goods, e.g. lithhium cells and/or pyrotechnical materials. You will find many objects that are not harmful or forbidden and that you can either take in your hold luggage, hand luggage or on your own as well. If, however, it is an object that is difficult to substitute, very costly or necessary for your general well-being, you should never store it in your hold baggage:

Currency, debit card, traveller's cheques, empty chequebooks, bonds and anything else that has a financial value or should be either on you or in your hand luggage. In the event that you loose money-related property in your hold luggage, the airline is not obliged to reimburse you. Be sure to keep your luggage free of collars, beads, jewelry, other gems, gold, sterling iron, other noble metal, costly clocks and other small and valuables such as these.

Loudspeakers and electronics: You should keep your laptop, mobile phone and other small household electronics on your own or in your carry-on luggage. For example, ID cards, keys, glasses or sun glasses, photographs, exposed films, cards, art, on-board cards, traveller coupons, post, financial statements, commercial papers, handwritten papers, bequests, collectibles, favourite games, handheld memory media such as flashdrives and music.

Transporting a Li-ion cell by plane or not will depend on its capacity and either the watt-hour power (for chargeable batteries) or the amount of Li-ion (for non-rechargeable batteries). Replacement tokens may not be taken in your hold bag. DO NOT take faulty or defective lead-acid cells or devices with you on the plane. Luggage? Permitted in hold luggage? Do not wear defective lead-acid cells or devices on the airplane.

Replacement Lithium battery packs are NOT ALLOWED in your registered (checked) luggage. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery packs are allowed in your Check-in luggage. Replacement battery packs must be used to avoid accidental switching on:

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