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Quelle Dacha Russian Shop Quelle Dacha Russian Shop. For the best Russian food in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Russian restaurants in London. There you can taste "doctor sausage", "herrings in fur coats" and other Russian specialities all over the city. Tsima Russian Street Food And Bar. Tsima Russian Street Food And Bar.

There are 7 Russian eateries to try in London

How dare you when you think of Russian cooking? Are you chickens in Kyiv? When these are meals you haven't tried yet, it's primordial to bang this fruit and see what London has to boast of genuine Russian cooking. Bob Bob Bob Ricard is indeed a British-Russian restaurant, as can be seen from the first course of our famous Bob Bob Bob Ricard Wodka Shot.

Since Russia is known for its knödel, try to start with the truffle potatoe and mushrooms variety or the lobsters, crabs and shrimps picmeni up to the net and the chickens kinev pledges the star and the sun as long as you can work your way around the fact it cost £ 24.50.

Borsht t is one of the most famous Russian courts (despite Ukrainian origin). There is no limit to the appeal of acidulous soup in Russia, so it is a good place to begin with the bi-lingual meal at Borschtch N Tears, one of the oldest Russian food outlets in the UK. Maybe you don't think much about the modest appearance of the restaurant, but the matching abundant décor in bright green, the weak lights and the Russian living sound quickly make you lose sight of the outside of it.

Get ready to enter one of London's most renowned Russian restaurant, Mari Vanna, in Anatolia. Taste the Olivier lettuce, which in Russia is traditional on New Year's Day, but is used year-round. All from the seasoning to the top décor is Russian and marvellous from top to-tote.

The Dacha was launched as a Russian/Eastern Europe delicatessen and is now a fully-fledged restaurant at the site of the Aylmer Parade. At the delicatessen is that everything you try that really your imagination, you can then buy the food for before you get your mind out of the gate.

Hermoboni is a Russian, Army and Georgia restaurant and pub located directly on the Barbican. There is a fantastic diversified meal with your classical mushrooms or veal planganoff and turkey koiev, to tender turkey olibivnaya and Russian gulubtsy (cabbage roulades with mince, boiled paddy roulades with herb and herb in potato sauce). Decoration is more fluorescent than Russia's old-fashioned bars, but you come and remain for the meal, especially their kochapuri.

You should go to Stolle in Camden for an inexpensive, genuine Russian kitchen. Though perhaps not so well known for its cakes, they are a very favourite convenience diet and this restaurant goes into the city with its hearty and sugary cakes. Zima is a simple and refreshing restaurant that brings the best from the small city of Russia to Soho for a cozy Russian flavor.

It' Russian street food on a steroid.

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