Rural Development Project Management

Project Management Rural Development

The systematic process of planning, organizing and managing resources for a range of activities. Regional Administrative Office North - Mazar-e-Sharif. To develop rural development project management skills through local action groups: Effective project management requires effective planning and compliance with industry best practices at every step of the process. Today there are more projects than ever before in history.


Projectmanagement is the systemic procedure of resource management, organization and management of a series of actions. Every project has a certain aim, a certain timeframe and a certain amount of ressources, all of which together are known as the project team. The project management concentrates on the three sides of the project triangle: the management and controlling of the extent (quantity, qualitiy, functionality), the costs and the timeframe of a project.

German International Co-operation GIZ has devised a project management software solution for managing and managing complicated programs. Considering the increasing complexities of development ventures, the project management of Capacity WORKS is focused on the support of efficient co-operation structure and process. Capacitybasic WORKS provides core issues and hands-on toolboxes for each factor of project management succes.

The PCM is another way of approaching the management of many organizations' global collaboration ventures. Project Cycle Management Guidelines are available for free and can be downloaded from the European Commission. CIVICUS website provides a wide range of toolskits to improve the management of small and medium-sized NGOs, for free of charge see CIVICUS.

Project Manager Rural Development

SCA now operates four large development programs in the fields of disability, education, health and rural development and is one of the biggest NGOs in the state. The Rural Development project at the Rural Development Department North includes the following elements The Rural Development Project Manager is in charge of the day-to-day management, improvement and continuation of project activity, and ensures that the project meets SCA's policy aims and commitments in terms of project management and project work.

He/she will administrate and lead the project by managing a core workforce that ensures that repetitive assignments are performed and implement cutting-edge methodologies that enhance the community's ability to participate and participate in the execution of the above elements at a high standard. The Rural Development Project Manager is required to be able to work autonomously, to build powerful communities and network and, if necessary, to find and enhance locally based approaches to the issues.

Province and districts will need good co-operation and development of capacities, with emphasis on the involvement of the sexes and communities. The Rural Development Project Manager must regularly draw up and produce maps, budget and report and conduct a number of excursions. Successfully implementing the project is judged by performance-related criterions.

He/she will report to the Head of the Northern Regional Management Officer - Mazar-e-Sharif and will receive advice and guidance from the Head of the Rural Development Programme in the Kabul Management Team. Ability to resolve conflicts, both in the field and at the local authority levels. Distinct inter-personal and communicative abilities and the ability to interact with different rural municipalities with different political/social-economic and pedagogical background.

Monitoring and monitoring the project roll-out, which includes various elements such as subsistence, water, development of community agencies according to plans and SCA policies, norms and guidelines. Work closely with the Rural Development Manager to analyze and assess the information and verify the achievement of goals and/or take action if necessary to achieve the project goals.

Regular on-site monitoring to supervise local and regional activity. Development of effective and appropriate management tools and procedures to guarantee high standards of service. Encourage and facilitate encounters between local and regional councils, industry federations, governments, NGOs and other players to foster co-ordination and collaboration between all parties and interests.

Ensuring prompt project unit coverage and the availability, compilation and report of the required information for month and quarterlies. Ensuring the project staff's participation in the project design, execution and assessment, which includes, but is not restricted to, SCA work schedule, budgets and yearly donor submissions.

Pay particular heed to and promote the involvement and education of women and people with physical and mental handicaps, both in terms of personnel and at the level of Community organisations (CBOs). Assess proactively the safety conditions at province and county level and ensure strict compliance with safety rules and measures by personnel.

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