Ruby Land Myanmar

Rubinland Myanmar

Things to see in Rubinland Situated on a hill known as Minn Phayar Taung, north east of Mogok, the Chan Thar Gyi pit was constructed in 1144 by the ruler Mahabizaya Thiha Thura, the oldest of Bodawpaya of Amarapura. Also for someone who looks at Minn Phayar Taung from below, the Great Hill and the Great Buddha seem to come and worship them. Tabodwe (the 11th of the Myanmar calendar, usually at the end of January or beginning of February) hosts an annually held feast of ta ma nun and great sacrifices for friars. At Tabodwe full moonday locals offered pendants threakha (yellowish-white cosmetics pastes made of crushed bark) and scented caramel woods on the pod.

The Padamyar Pagoda is situated on the Sit Min Gyi in Myoma, not far from the centre of Mogok, and the city' s pristine nature can be seen from the top of the hills. There are relics of the great Shwedagon Pagoda on the bow itself, which were dedicated in the Maha Muni Pagoda of Mandalay for three long dawns and three night before they were brought to Mogok in a sacred ceremonial.

A Buddha sculpture in the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is said to have been preserved by King Alaungsithu, and a copy was made by U Hmu, the donator. In spite of resettlements and a fire during the Second World War, the sculptures were kept safe thanks to the caring of U Hla Aung Gyi and his boy Maung Sein Htun, who rescued them from the catastrophic fire.

Tabaung is the home of the yearly celebration of the Pagoda Day (the 12th calendar year of Myanmar, which usually takes place in March and is an important period in Buddhism). Six leagues northerly of Mogok in the small hamlet of Kiev Kauk Kiev is also known as Kiev Aung Magoda. At 81 ft, the cyauk (rock) on which the marble is constructed looks like a giant agar (dragon) willing to beat, the town and the eponym of the marble coup.

There is a general conviction that felling or bathing near Kyauk Nagar will cause strong headaches, and so these activities are forbidden in its vicinity. Kyauk Pyat That Pagoda is situated on the Mandalay-Thabeikkyin-Mogok street in a small town with its name. Coming from Pharat Phyu Camps, where the Kyauk Bar Gyi Pagoda is situated, you have to pass through the town of Yay Aye to get to the Kyauk Pyat That Pagoda.

It is a large, undulating cliff with rocks. You have to circumnavigate the cliffy ground to get to the area of the pagodas while you enjoy the view along the way. Mogok Sayadaw meditated in the most venerable of the Mogok Caves, located in the Bawbadan community, 30 minutes' walk from Mogok, and can be accessed by a somewhat rugged street after having passed the towns of Min Dadar, Yaypu and Thaphan Bin.

You can go to the cavern by road or motorcycle. The Bernard Village is a nice area. Just over an hours drive from Mogok, you have to drive from Lay Htwet Pauk - an area full of giant cliffs - while you can admire the panorama views of Mogok and Kyat Pyin, its west part.

All along the way there are pictures of the mine and buildings made of naturally muddy clays. There is an old armoury and graveyard constructed during the time of the English domination, although there are not so many graves any more. A place in Mogok that is usually frequented by city dwellers and visitors is the King Chaung Waterfall on Pyin Oo Lwin-Mogok Street.

When one plans to go to all sites in Mogok, there are still Shwe Gu Gyi, Thiha Muni Sutaung Pye, Bee Taung, two Aung Daw Mu Sutaung Pye, Sula Mani Sutaung Pye, two Thammar Than Bokdaw Brothers, Sanda Muni (La), Mogok Maha Muni, Shwe Tha Lyaung, Daung Singya, Pyi Lone Chan Thar Maha Mingalar.

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