Ruby Land

Land of Ruby

Burma Ruby Land The Myanmar Ruby Land Tour gives you the opportunity to explore the mine process in various fields in Mogok - land of the ruby and the sapphire: you must obtain a tourist permit within 14 working day! We do not suggest to visit this area during the wet seasons from May to September! A waiting vehicle takes you to Mogkok (~6h), where most invaluable gemstones are quarried, located in a magnificent hill country in the 128 mile northeast of Mandalay and 60 leagues eastward of the Ayeyarwady River.

Arrival in Mogkok in the afternoons. Walk through the town. Accommodation in your chosen hotels in Mogok. Following breakfasts, we' ll take you to the Kyauk Pyatthat Pagoda, Daw Nan Kyi and various mine fields (opencast mines, ditches, underground mines, and excavation tunnels) to investigate the mine workings. Accommodation in your chosen hotels in Mogok. A waiting vehicle will take you from Mogkok to Mandalay after breakfasts (~6 hours): A tourist permit must be applied for within 14 working day!

: Not recommended in the wet May-Sep!

Famous Rubinland of the world

And Mogok knows that Ruby Land is in Mandalay, Myanmar, a Shan state. It' a city where the precious stones like ruby, sapphire, garnet and topaz are easy to find. Ruby has many resources in the worid, but Mogok has the best Ruby in the worid.

Shan, Burma, Lisu and other indigenous groups reside in this tranquil place and most locals earn their livelihood by quarrying, sawing, polishing and selling gemstones. There' s a beautiful pond in the center of the hometown, known as Myo lal Inn (Burmese term). Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, ChanthaGyi Pagoda, King Chaung Waterfall, Daw Nang Kyi Mountain, Gem Fair and other valuable gem mines are the main touristic attraction in Mogok.

Usually the tourists go to the viewpoint, which can see the whole city of Mogok. Ruby as well as local food is very much appreciated by visitors. Meeshay ( Meeshay pasta with gravy, Shan tofu, Shan pasta, Monenyinpaung( Mogok mustard) are the renowned meals in Mogok.

You can buy souvenirs instead, using typical items such as the diversity of gemstones from the Htar (Burmese term) gemstone market. Though there are not many accommodation choices, you can find some good budget accommodation in Ruby Land easy with the help of and motivation on website.

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