Ruby or rubies is both a surname and a first name. Host is comedian Dave Rubin. ***** "Early_life[edit]>> Skip up to ^ "bio_inc". Jumping high^ Jeff Klima. "Young Turks are adding Dave Rubin & Cara Santa Maria to their network.

" Skip up to: a to Beatrice Verhoeven. "There''s Dave Rubin's Ruby Report on Larry King's Ora TV." Jumping up Paul Hagen. High ^ "Joe Rogan Experience #713 - Dave Rubin".

Leap up ^ Rosen, Armin (June 20, 2016). "by Progressives". Skip up to: a i Josh Abraham. "Have a comic, Dave Rubin." Binghamton Universit├Ąt as" David J. Rubin". Jumping up ^ "Check out @NightlyShow Tonight". Leap up ^ Awl sponsors.

"The funny guy Dave Rubin is answering our questions." Retracted 2012-12-06. Hop up Jason Gay. Leap upwards ^ @kbetzler (April 9, 2018). Highjump ^ Weizen, Alynda (2008-03-14). Highjump ^ Brent Hartinger. Skip up to the top of The Six Pack. Retracted 2012-10-05. Hop up Ali Trachta. Retracted 2013-07-15. Hop up Ali Trachta.

Retracted 2013-07-15. High jumping MADISON GRY (2012-06-28). Hop up Patrick again. "Polly Ryan laughing with tweet." Hop up Sarah Gray. Jumping up Paul Hagen. Retracted 2012-10-05. Sam Harris and Dave Rubin speak religion, politics, free speech (full interview)". Milo Yiannopoulos and Dave Rubin discuss gay rights and cultural liberals.

Jumping up ^ "Dave Rubin on Twitter". High ^ "Maajid Nawaz over Sam Harris and the regressive left". Colin's Last Stand Fireside Chats, Episode 29 : A one-on-one with Dave Rubin". March 23, 2018. Accessed March 29, 2018. Colin's Last Stand Fireside Chats, Episode 29 :

Funny Guy Dave Rubin will answer our questions. Retracted 2012-12-06. Jumping up ^ "Dave Rubin: Rubin Report' hosted unveils some very big news". Oh, we got remarried the other night.

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