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It' been a while since we had Burma dinner. Chargeable car parks are located directly in front of the hotel and it does not seem to be very crowded. This place is neat and the menu display has the win-win number. I can' t just give them a 4 star rating..............simply because, although everything is beautiful, they are not big on orders of ricecy.

The Burmese restaurant in Berkeley is a must. And I had the ricotta and I love it! and I stumbled upon Royal Rangoon. Tealeaf lettuce is very much liked and sounds very good, but I wasn't so interested in it at the time.

Somebody next to me ordered a pasta soup and the waitress put it together for her. I was looking for something a little less expensive and the most important poultry, steak and shellfish were around $15. I' m a big fans of lettu cup, bean curd, chicken.... whatever, but I have to try another one.

So I got the ricotta because one. It' a little less expensive than the delicatessen. Also came with three rhomboid mangoes. Put your hand down, that is a great dish. That' probably the best Myanmar meal I've ever had. There is no long waiting for a seat like in some places, because the eatery has two front and rear seat.

Taste their specialities like the raisin leaves with prawns, seafood or chickens or as soups. They will not be dissapointed that it is a matter of old-fashioned cooking and I have not seen this in another Myanmar based place here. They are good curry, especially the fresh tea leaves, especially the citronella and the garage leaves, and don't forgot to begin with the fresh and crisp tealeaves.

We' ve bought a box of Spanish whitewine, which was incredibly good with all the dishes. It' ( I have here a burmesian ale, a crispy soft lagers that goes well with your cuisine. ) I'm really sorry I didn't try this one before. Peppermint yalapeno-toofu, noodles, and kina bana kyav (roselle leaf bowl with shinachiku sprouts) SO GOOD.

We came here for luncheon and parted in samosa, lettuce leaves lettuce with shrimps and Rangoon lemon grass partridge with jasmine ric. So were the zamosas with potato, just like the lemon grass chickens. It was fleshy and delicate. What was special was the crispy and lusty tealeafalad!

It' one of the best tealeaf lettuces I've ever had! A great place with fabulous dining and unbelievable services. Myanmar is not a "go to", but this is definitely a place. Tealeaf lettuce - wow. Shamosa chowder. This is an extraordinary place for Myanmarese cuisine. On a Wednesday at 5:30 pm we went to the place and there was no waiting time.

This meal is very much like the Burmese star. The whole meal is delicious and fresh. It tastes very similar to miso but with much less broth. It was also a great lettuce - it was reminiscent of the tea leaf lettuce I had at Burma State.

Spicy tofu was also great. Eating was very satisfying for lunches and I gave this place 5 star because it is so valuable! I' m not from the area, but I always try to get Burma dinner when I' m over. Tealeaf lettuce is a must and savoured the prawns and the aubergine casserole.

We' ve been told about this place because it has well-known Myanmar cuisine. Myanmar Idol is a well-known place that also ring a doorbell and offer similar meals or at least some of the most known. So we got the tea lettuce 9/10 and it was great. Also we tried the guinea fowl - 8/10, Burma 9/10 veal burger 9/10 veal and Burma 7. 5/10 duck pasta with spicy spices and 8/10 Burma 8/10 rices (tasted like India biryani).

Tealeaf lettuce is great and popular with the Samosas! So I know I'm not a big supporter on the tealeaf, but it was definitely something to try. One night, at the instigation of some yeelpers, I came here to try their lettuce.

Royal Rangoon is on the Berkeley-Oakland frontier on Telegraph One. It was the first I tasted Myanmar cuisine, so I wanted to check the meal to get a feeling for the different kinds of nutrition. The cuisine seemed to be very similar to that of India and Asia, with a mixture of salads, pasta and beef.

So I ordered a Myanmar milky infusion and lettuce for my coming-on. I got my burmesian milktea and samosa and I burrowed in! My burmesian milky infusion was beautiful and cute, just like I like my milky infusions. I got my tealeaf and it was really a show to see!

In fact, the lever supplied the lettuce unblended in its original shape and then blended it right in front of me. It had the bitterest flavour! Apart from the strong bittering of the lettuce, I enjoyed the freshness of the cracking of the seed and the herbs. Hey, I bought that lettuce for a good price!

It was a great dinner and the meals were really delicious without the tealeisalat. It' a good hot chocolate, the broth is clear and simple. After visiting a few places in the Bay Area to restore the flawless meals, it was a great event.... the first truly flawless teasalad; we were not thrilled and very dissapointed by the possibilities of the Bay Area.

As unlike picketing tea leaf lettuce to go cafe Karla in Bizerkely (wholesale facility that provides grocery carts and stores like whole foods and Bizerkely Bowl), which are awesome by the way, I started to give up hope! What a pity! There' s no need for me to go in Myanmar any longer.

The Royal Rangoon is slightly my favourite Berkeley cafe. There are many possibilities for vegetarian and meats people. Tealeaf lettuce is good, although I think the stemsalad is much better (there is extra wealth from the stems stuffing, and you still get a good amount of crispy from the roasted lenses and the stemshell).

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