Royal plus Hotel in Yangon

Yangon Royal plus Hotel

It' a shame to call this kind of business a hotel. The cozy Royal Golden View Hotel offers a magnificent view of Yangon from many non-smoking rooms. City Center Plus Hotel(Yangon (Rangoon)). City Center Plus Hotel(Yangon (Rangoon)). Cheap hotels near the Asia Royal Hospital, Yangon.

Beautiful Guest House in the City of Yangon - Review Royal Star Guest House, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

This place was suggested to us by a colleague whose relatives possessed the guest house. Situated on a narrow street surrounded by slightly polluted houses, a small staircase leads up through a small front entrance on the first level. So we had no great expectations, but were nicely amazed at how neat the place was.

The room and bathroom were very neat, but small. The breakfast is taken at a desk on the second level.

Yangon Long Term Residence in Yangon - Yangon (Rangoon) Message Board

I found the lowest price on Agoda is the Silver Moon for $20/night, but this room without windows and space is not very noisy, as I could see from my review. In a room without windows I can stay 2-3 nights, but not 3 whole months. I also looked at the Royal Plus Guest House which I liked very much last year.

I need rooms with windows, showers inside, warm running and Wi-Fi for 3 week stays in Yangon. Are you able to consult any hotels/guest homes with sensible prices for long stays near 300-400$ for 3 week sojourns? Hello, you can't get a room like this in the city this year.

So where out of town can I get a room like this? I' d known about this place, but I can' remember. However, your FB page shows a pricing of $65-100 per room. Hi! Do you have any information about the Royal Plus Guesthouse?


A 2-star Royal Crown Hôtel offers 24-hour shuttle service, 24-hour shuttle service and launderette for a relaxing sojourn. Our clients benefit from a welcoming environment designed by our team. Located just 15 min walking distance from Telenor Myanmar headquarters. It is 20 min walking distance from Yangon town centre.

Accomodation in 31 guest rooms with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, laptopsafe, desktop and underwire. There is a tub, showers and towels available for use. It is 15 km from the Mingaladon International Airports. You can rent a vehicle at the same time.

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