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at the Royal Lake Inn Hpa

The Royal Lake Inn is in Myanmar, Kayin, Hpa-An. Incorporate a stay at Hpa-an Lodge for your tailor-made holiday in Burma (Myanmar), created by Audley's travel experts. The Thorn Tree - Myanmar Itinerary Some of the things you get are usually quite awful and not cheap - even in those of the LP's "top pick" listings. Some of the temperatures in some banks have trebled in comparison to the LP rates, others have remained the same. Accommodation, ferry and train are in US$.

Stores, buses, taxis, guide, rent a bycicle, restaurant,.... are all in Kyoto - so you need a heap. We' re getting a fairly constant average of 15. 1000 kyats per capita & per night - Eating in convenient places, easy or no lunches, mostly drink tapa, hardly ever a cola sap or very occasionally a glass of cold drink or toast.

The price is $30 higher than on the LP. The rates differ a little between airline and agency - but not much. Lake Inle: Cruises are 15000 Kyat per days or 18000 with Inthein - which is definitely a good idea, as the Myanmar pagodas are "renovated", which means that the old crumbly tile stupa are substituted by specific ones.

At the moment it is an interesting contrasts between the old and a few new, but in a little while this will have all the charm out. The same new hotels have been opened. The Ngapali Beach: According to sandflies on the Ngwe Saung beaches, we chose Ngapali.

In spite of many resorts (for Myanmar) and many others under development, the beaches are not overcrowded. Because of the long beaches and the lack of reservations, we went with a Trishaw to the next town, hired a motorcycle for half a days (10000 Kyat), dropped our baggage at the renting and went on a voyage of discovery.

We' ve found the cheapest lodging in Myanmar: it has first quality equipment at medium rates, exceptionally kind personnel, nice lady in charge, a large backyard off the beaten track, a community English tuition for free for children. Rooms on the sea cost $70, rooms with a view of the large and well-kept gardens $60.

Located on the outskirts of Lin Thar, just off the northern coast of Ngapali, a functioning bath. Swim on the shore is only for the desperate with rowing boat, rubble and all. However, there is free bike hire and the major Ngapali beaches are only 5 minutes away. The price in the 2 Kinpun establishments trebled in comparison to LP.

They' re asking for royal $15 for penalty colonial-style rooms. At first we were put into a lorry, which did not fill up, while others were leaving in quick succession. 2. A small tour boats goes to Hpa An every day from 8 am (2. 5 hours). 6000 kyats ticket, we purchased them in a shabby snoker salon on Strand Road for 4000 (Myanmar is one of the few places where I would buy boating cards in an inconspicuous snoker spot).

Visit the Royal Lake Inn at Kan Tar Yar Lake - although they are a little afraid to take you. Even every small stream in a small town is turned into an open sewage channel in which there is also a pile of waste plastics. That may be prejudiced because much of Myanmar is wooded, but as a visitor you are not prepared to get there (if at all allowed).

Nevertheless, I strongly suggest a guided hike (for a great deal of background information) and to see the true countryside of Myanmar. At last: the best place for Myanmar's meal we strangely found outside of Old Bagan. The Myanmar Restaurant is 2500 Kyat with 7 meats and 6 vegetarians meals ý rices + soups + desserts ý snacks.

Do you always wonder if you should go to Myanmar? Briefly - you should go to Myanmar:

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