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The Royal Jordanian Airlines is the Jordanian Airlines flagship operator, operating from its base at Queen Alia International in Amman, Jordan. The Royal Jordanian Airlines serves many cities such as Abu Dhabi, Accra, Aden, Bahrain, Basra, Belgrade, Berlin, Beirut, Brussels, Jakarta, Khartoum, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich, Vienna, Tunis, Tel Aviv, Tabuk and many others.

At Oneworld, Royal Jordanian is a member of the worldwide Oneworld Alliances. The company has codeshares with many carriers such as Gulf Air, Syrian Air, TAROM, Meridiana Fly, Oman Air, Middle East Air and Turkish Air. The Royal Jordanian Airways aircraft consist of Boeing 787, Airbus A330, A321, A320, A319, Embraer 195 and Embraer 175.

The Crown Class is offered by Royal Jordanian Airlines, where customers can experience the Premier Check-In area at Queen Alia International Aiport and the fully stocked Crown Lounge at the airport. The Royal Jordanian Airlines operate a loyalty programme known as Royal Plus, which awards travelers for period travel. Member bonuses included check-in at the Business Class counter, access to all Royal Jordanian Lounge, waiting list priorities, a present pack, upgrade priorities and additional free luggage.

There are four levels of the Royal Plus program: Royal Plus Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Royal Jordanian is now going directly to Copenhagen. These 3 x a week services will give the carrier a powerful footprint in the Swedish aviation industry and stimulate Jordanian travel from the North. The National said that Royal Jordanian will definitely push a contract for the use of narrow-body jets in its float in the second half of 2019.

Mr Pichier said that Jordan had negotiated with several airplane producers to allow the inclusion of new planes, such as Embraer, Boeing, Bombardier and Airbus. Reception of allegedly up to 23 narrow-body aircrafts will supersede the current Airbus/Embraers mixed-operations.

A number of large carriers diverted their services on Wednesday after European ATC warning planes in the East Mediterranean to be cautious about possible attacks on Syria. Lebanon's Middle East Airways, one of the few to operate directly over Syria, is reerouting those flights on a temporary basis, said one Beirut Airports source. 12.

The spokesperson for the company said that after the alert, the company had modified some routes, among others for Beirut and Tel Aviv, while the low-cost carrier easy-jet said it would also divert from Tel Aviv. Since Malaysia Airlines' MH17 mission over Ukraine in 2014 by a ground-to-air rocket, which killed all 298 passengers on the plane, the authorities have intensified surveillance of the areas of tension.

"Because of the possible take-off of aerial attacks on Syria with air-to-ground and/or marching projectiles within the next 72-hour period and the potential for interruption of radio-navigation intermittently, due account must be taken in the design of FIR operational activities in the Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosia region," he said with reference to the identified area.

Air authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany have already warned that companies are going to enter Syria, which has led most companies to evade the area. Only the only commercially available services over Syria from 0115 GMT on Wednesday were operated by Air and Lebanon's Middle East Airways, according to the airline's tracing website FlyRadar24.

Other times later in the afternoon there were no overflights. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Deutsche Lufthansa said that the airline companies were informed about the Eurocontrol alert and were in frequent communication with the relevant public safety agencies. "Lufthansa Group carriers have been avoiding air space in the East Mediterranean for some time," he said.

Ryanair, British Airways, Etihad Airways and Royal Jordanian said that the operations were normal with their airline companies, but the picture was tight. EgyptiyAir is currently no plans to change the routes after the alert, a nearside resource said. EgyptiyAir and some other large carriers flying in the area did not immediately react to a complaint.

Nicosia, the information space for air traffic in the Eurocontrol declaration, includes the Isle of Cyprus and the neighbouring water bodies, according to a chart on the Agency's website. In the past year, North Korea has been testing rockets without prior notice and prompting some carriers to divert air traffic to evade parts of the Japanese sea. The Jordanian Royal has asked its Jordanian supporters, clients and high fliers to participate in the renamed RJ fidelity programme by posting their proposals through RJ's online community.

The RJ says that the name should adhere to certain criteria: a one or two-word name that should work in both Arabian and English and should mirror proud; it should refer to Royal Jordanian and Flies. The Royal Jordanian is back in turn around state. The RJ will be consolidating its narrow-body aircraft and will probably remove the Embraer E-Jets and increase the number of Airbus narrow-bodies.

RJ's large capacity 787er aircraft - already scaled back from its original order - can be topped. The 787 fleets are underutilized, meaning that RJ would be able to meet its goal of opening Washington DC within five years. The US Royal Jordanian net would, however, be taxed by a US proposal addressed to the Gulf Super Connectorairline.

RJ, a member of the American Airlines anti-trust defense JV, seems to become a victim when the Act comes into force. Further net development includes the RJ plans to transform Copenhagen and Stockholm into a regular line transport system and at the same time to develop a second turnstile in Aqaba, Jordan's gate to the Red Sea. Mister Pichler is the youngest managing director of RJ, who wants to demonstrate that Royal Jordanian has a sustained foothold in the Levant, despite rapid expansion through super-connectors in the Arabian Gulf.

At the Dubai Air Show 2017, Boeing (BA) and Royal Jordanian Airlines revealed that the airline has chosen Boeing for its 787 aircraft education. As part of the five-year strategy agreed, Boeing Royal Jordanian will offer a complete education package that includes pilots' assessment and re-training on Gatwick's London facility.

Boeing expects a worldwide need of more than 1.2 million aircraft operators and engineers in the next 20 years, more than 10 per cent of them from the Middle East. From 15 September, Royal Jordanian will be offering a new range of snacks on all short- and medium-haul routes.

"We' ve revised and improved our in-flight catering concept," he said, and added that Royal Jordanian, in collaboration with Jordan Catering, whose professionals are renowned for their expertise in the preparation of menu for major airline companies at Queen Alia lnt. airport, would be offering its customers high value snacks.

Snack products served on routes to and from all mid- and short-haul resorts include a range of cheese, sausages, starters and Arabian sweets, as well as bottled waters and juice. Mr. Jordanian pointed out that Royal Jordanian will be continuing to offer its Crown Class customers a new range of warm food and specialised, high quality caterers on all mid - and long-haul routes and on all Economy Class customers to the USA, Canada, the Far East and London.

The Royal Jordanian Airlines began its new scheduled flight to Guangzhou with three departures a week. It is Guangzhou, the second and fifth RJ China location in the Middle East. The Royal Jordanian currently runs an Amman-Bangkok-Guangzhou and Amman-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta 3 x weekly. After the closure of the two lines, the airline will continue to serve three Asia-Pacific destinations:

Royal Jordanian received its latest - 6th - Boeing 787 Dreamliner in November 2016. The plane and a 7th Boeing 787, which is scheduled to join the RJ fleets early next year, will be operating under a recapitalization. B787s will replace the Airbus A340 and A330s in service to date; five of these planes were decommissioned two years ago and two more are due to be decommissioned from the RJs in the near-term.

Royal Jordanian Airlines in March 2017 declared that it had prohibited all electronics or electric equipment on aircraft flying into or out of the United States.

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