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You can read all about Rotterdam here. As well as being one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam is also the second largest city in the Netherlands and has a lot to offer tourists. The city of Rotterdam is located in the Dutch province of South Holland, in the west of the Netherlands and part of the Randstad.

Thirteen good reason to come to Rotterdam now

Situated in the shadows of Amsterdam, crowd-funding efforts and remarkable new architectural design have contributed to the recent strengthening of Rotterdam's atmosphere and reputation. Now some are wondering whether the town with its 630,000 inhabitants from 170 nations has the prerequisites to be regarded as Europe's new capitol of coolness? These are a few good reason to come to Rotterdam now.

Lovers of the arts do not have to visit a Rotterdam arts exhibition. Walk through the town and huge statues are in sight. Sylvette" by Pablo Picasso, weighing 46 tons, lies at the crossroads of the Museumpark and Westersingel and is part of a road of statues that follows the Westersingel-Channel. In October 2014, Rotterdam opened the Markthal, a roofed indoor and residential development that gives the town its distinctive brand.

In the 96-plus stands in the apartment you will find everything from cheese to seafood and many other delicacies. On the top of the neck of the market there is the world's greatest work of art. This work of art's panelling helps to lower the volume in the ring. Chocolate connoisseurs should go directly to Stirr, which was voted the best new coctail drink in the Netherlands at the Esquire Award 2016.

The mustachioed mixed experts are available to make beverages for every taste. Featuring open walls and hip-hop tunes, Stirr is a new setting in a town where dock workers and industry workers have a traditional preference for beers rather than toast. Rotterdam Town Hall is located on the Coolsingel in the cooling area. A lot of towns have areas that are widely considered quite chilly, but Rotterdam can quite simply say it has a chill area.

In Dutch called "Kohle", the area was an independent community in Rotterdam until 1816 and is now full of shops and fine cuisine. By 2020, the wide road "Coolsingel" in front of Rotterdam Rathaus is to be rehabilitated. This will reduce congestion and give more room for walkers and bikers once the road works are completed.

Over the last few years Rotterdam has asked its inhabitants to transform the town. Luchtsingel, a 1,280-foot long footbridge connecting the main railway terminal with the north of Rotterdam, was opened in 2015. Allfresco food and drink in the pulsating Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. The Witte de Withstraat, the vibrant road in the centre of Rotterdam's night life, has a number of cafés, pubs and pubs.

People in Rotterdam are not only talking about reducing their CO2 emissions, they are also doing something about it. The RotterZwam staff, for example, cultivates porcini oysters with ground coffees from downtown cafes as fertiliser. To date RotterZwam has recovered more than 35 tonnes of used coffees and produces more than 4 tonnes of fungi, which are available in local shops and can be found in the whole town.

Of the run-down flashing lights quarter up to local meal and drinking. Fenix is located in a former storage facility in the Katendrecht area. Here young businessmen are selling local groceries and beverages and contributing to changing the long-run-down area. Guests can be seated in a common area in the middle of the house or on a seat with a view of the water.

In an age when many youngsters in Rotterdam have no idea where they get their meals from, Uit Je Eigen Stad gives youngsters in Rotterdam the opportunity to try their luck in agriculture. Entitled "from its own city", the project is built on a former run-down port area in the west of town.

Veggies picked from the municipal farmstead are eaten in the local restaurants and in a café/shop at Rotterdam main railway station (24ab Proveniersplein). On the roofs of the town, fruits and veggies are also grown to help cut down on the transportation of groceries. Rotterdam architect are designing designs for swimming homes to maximise the habitat in a large waterfront town.

The Floating Farm, which is due to open in Rotterdam in 2017, will soon be milking herds. There are those who say that Rotterdam is dedicated to modern architectural design because so many of its historical places were damaged in a bombing attack on 14 May 1940. But even before the Second World War, new houses were built in Rotterdam, such as the Sonneveld House, a modernist detached house from the 1930s.

Foster and Partners' World Port Center and Renzo Piano's KPN Telecom are two of the city's famous highscrapers. The Rotterdam, conceived by Rem Koolhaas, is conceived as a vertically oriented town and the biggest edifice in the Netherlands. The Rotterdam Museum Park has a lot of greenery.

The Rotterdam Museum Park has extensive lawns to take full use of the sun. It is surrounded by the Museum of Natural History and the Kunsthalle, which holds regular alternating artistic exhibits. Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum presents world-class works of arts such as Piet Mondrian and Vincent van Gogh and the appliquéd design of Gerrit Rietveld.

By 2014, the plant, which is now used as offices, was declared a UNESCO site of interest.

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