Rose Garden Hotel Yangon Myanmar Burma

Yangon Hotel Rose Garden Myanmar Burma

The mammoth rose garden is in operation after years of construction and offers decent standard rooms and facilities on a grand scale. The Rose Garden is located near downtown Rangoon and overlooks the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda. Rose Garden Hotel has set the standard for Myanmar's hospitality. Rose-Garden Hotel Yangon | Book online Rose Garden Hotel rooms at best prices. Alex' house is located in Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar[Burma].

Hotelstyle and ambiance

Luxurious and uniquely situated, this building provides state-of-the-art amenities and service on an internationally renowned level. Accommodation includes a restaurant, lounge, bar, swimming pools, commercial centre and well-equipped guest rooms. TripAdvisor's "Certificate of Excellence 2016", Travelmyth's "The luxurious Travel Award Asia" and "Top 5 star Yangon hotels" have been presented to the Rose Gardens as well.

Yangon Rose Garden Hotel

Superefficient meeting rooms and fine arts galeries, where visitors could enjoy the peace and quiet of painting, bring this resort between the two world. I stayed at Bamboo Deluxe, 61 sq. m. of contemporary home, fitted with an integrated TV, a large lounge and - in the spirit of style - a writing table.

On the first level, the property provides great and extensive opportunities for businesses, but what I really enjoyed about this property was the professional warmth of its team. The majority of the employees are polite, but here they have spoken to me by name, or they have learned my name quickly if they hadn't already done so.

It seemed to have an eerie capacity to recall the needs of each and every one of my guests; in my own personal experiences, all that was needed was a reference to the reception of my penchant for a veggie lifestyles before the whole resort knew about my particular dietary preferences. Fortunately for me, the Rose Garden is a very vegetable restaurant offering a delicious meal.

The Myanmar Extravaganza in the Portico Café and Lounge is an unforgettable food-event. A five-course dinner presenting the favourite tastes of Myanmar's various regions will lead you through the authentic five-course-menue. Rose Garden's recreational activities compensate for the serious nature of the company. It is a motel that knows how to shed its own hands and offers you a real taste of the area.

As I enrolled for the sight-seeing pack, I was given a courier to show me around, but he could very well have been a long time loser boyfriend. My tour leader guided me warmly and enthusiastically through the town and led me to interesting places and places where I could watch the daily work.

One of his days was at Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Market, Yangon Ring Train, Independence Monument and Inya Lake. If you want a funny and entertaining experience, a trip to the drink shop and the Veranda is a must. The barman here has set up the weekly tuxedo Manhattan for me.

It doesn't make any difference whether it's just shop or not. Because of the hospitableness that the resort offers, you can come and see for every occasion and still have a great time. The Rose Garden has everything in terms of comfort and services, and this is simply a great one.

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