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It is the largest city in the province of Santa Fe in central Argentina. in Adams Morgan, DC. pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plotspan class="mw-editsection">< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]

It is the third biggest town in Argentina and the biggest town in the Santa Fe area. There are about 950 in the town. It is the second most important harbour in the economy and an important industry location with a large and prestigious college. Rosario, the third biggest town in the county, is slowly developing into a tourist town.

Some of Argentina's most beautiful Jugendstil architecture can be found in the centre of the town. Rosario has also created a good escarpment near the riverbank. It is considered one of the most open and forgiving towns in the state. Because Rosario is on one of the most important drugs trade routes, it has a somewhat poor image of being a centre of criminality - one of the nicknamed Little Chicago - but it will not normally affect the tourist, as the problem areas are far from the centre and the interesting areas are no more hazardous to the tourist than in Buenos Aires or Córdoba.

It has a moderate climatic and is known for changing meteorological circumstances. From Buenos Aires Aeroparque and Ezeiza airports there are 50 -minute trains every day, although the easiest way to get to the town is to rent transportation at EZE airport. There is a trains service from Buenos Aires every day.

There are two train stops in Rosario, -33.009414-60. 6,6501461 Estación Rosario Sur in the south outskirts and the final station -32,930724-60. D-6574162 Estación Rosario Norte, nearer to the city centre. There are two motorways (autopistas) connecting Rosario with Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cordoba. This is the most comfortable way to travel in Argentina.

From Rosario central train terminal there are many busses to almost every town in the state. The EGA busses leave directly to Montevideo at 23:50 every day and arrive in Montevideo the next day at 08:30. The Mariano Moreno terminal is situated in Cafferata 702, about two kilometers east of the town.

Rosario's only aboveground means of mass transit are the buses and a trolley system. Cycling in Rosario is one of Argentina's most bicycle-friendly towns. It has a cycle path system almost the size of Buenos Aires, although the town is much smaller, and its shallow terrain makes it perfect for this type of means of travel.

In the town center there is a cycle rental system, Tu Bici Mi Bici, with automated stop. There is Rosario with activities for local people and visitors. Known for its vibrant nightscapes, surprisingly starting at 2:00 am (with luck) and ending when the daylight comes up, Rosario has a wide range of nightclubs and discotheques to keep you dancing the whole evening!

Also known as the salsa capital of Argentina. Americans will be amazed that many of the goods on sale in "el centro" (city centre) are similar in every shopping area. One big shop that is not located in Buenos Aires (possibly somewhere in Argentina) is Underworld.

There is a number of places in Rosario to be found and carries different and interesting T-shirts and other funkie clothing and accessoires for youngsters. is known for having big night club evenings all weeks.

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