Rom is the capital of Italy and a special municipality Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio region. Rome, facts and travel tips. Rome, Italian Roma, historical city and capital of the Roma province (province), the Lazio regione (region) and the country Italy. Discover the holidays in Rome and discover the best time and places to visit. Rom is a huge city with several district articles with sights, restaurants, nightlife and accommodation - have a look at each of them.

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Trips to Rome

Italy's hot-blooded Italian capitol is one of the most picturesque and inspirational towns in the planet, offering an exhilarating blend of impressive remains, impressive arts and bustling streets. St. Peter's Basilica, which stretches across the Vatican's main boulevard, is the Vatican's most epic jewel in the crown of Renaissance architectural masterpieces. Over the course of time, the town has been involved in the great changes of modern West European arts, attracting the top performers of the moment and inspired them to cross the borders of creativity.

resulting in a town full of precious gems. Old sculptures decorate world-class museum buildings; ornate Renaissance and Roman esque frescos decorate the city's artistic church buildings; mediaeval squares are flanked by façades in Roman times. A stroll through the center and without even trying it, you will come across works by the great s of occidental arts - Michelangelo sculpture, Caravaggio canvas, Raphael frescos and Bernini wells.

On a journey to Rome it is as much about discovering the dolce Vita way of life as it is about arts and cultures. Vatican City museums are one of the biggest collections of monuments in the entire universe, with around 2,000 rooms that extend almost 15 kilometres inside Vatican City. They are a repository of unbelievable arts and architectural treasures and are the culmination of most Vatican trips, so waiting lines are foreseeably long.

Skiip-the-line Vatican cures are so loved that even the prioritized ones are long! However, this trip does include exclusivity through a reserved entrance so you don't have to queue in long queues. Get in as soon as the door opens and walk past the long line into the Vatican core before the general audience enters.

Wander the hallways in your small group of no more than 12 to visit the world's biggest privately-owned fine arts museum, once dedicated solely to the Holy Father. While your knowledgeable tour leader will entertain you with stories about the Vatican's powers and intrigues, you'll sense how Renaissance works of arts come to live.

Go through this holy place of the Vatican to see the amazing frescos of Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgement, without seeing the masses of people appearing later in the morning. Your last part of your little Vatican trip concentrates on St. Peter's with its striking 137 meter high cupola. Come in to see why it is so much more than just a small town, and marvel at its impressive architectural and mosaic features, among them another Michelangelo work, La Pietà.

The historical St. Peter church is said to be on the floor where the apostle St. Peter was crossed and bury. You will be guided through the high points of the Basel and its importance as the most sacred place of Christianity before your trip ends with a breathtaking St. Peter's Square.

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