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Video of Rohingya

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has recorded thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar on Monday. The seasonal storms that start in Bangladesh are a deadly threat to the Rohingya refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have fled persecution in Myanmar in just a few weeks.

Have a look at the video below! The Roots of the Rohingya Crisis video thumbnail:

Videoclips threaten Rohingya shelters in Bangladesh

Ten thousand Rohingya migrants are at grave peril of landslips in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi refugee relief efforts should be carried out as a matter of urgency with the support of the United Nations and other relief organisations. In the upcoming rainy period, there will be the threat of heavy wind and cyclone attacks from hundreds of handmade tarpaulins and sheds.

The Rohingya migrants who live on the sheer, cleared hillsides of sandy and loam in the Kutupalong and Balukhali refugee camp are facing additional threats from mudslides, Human Rights Watch said. A total of 623,000 Rohingya migrants from Myanmar live in refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Hindus Video Being As Rohingya Slaveering Hindus

This is a video showing Rohingya Muslims battling and cannibalizing Hindus. FACT: The video is directed and does not show the sequence of a massive murder. Imagine a ghoulish video pretending to show a massive kill and open sales of parts of the people' s bodies, divided on Facebook and WhatsApp with a misleading statement that it shows Rohingya Muslims kill and eat Hindus.

This video shows a gruesome sequence of allegedly fragmented corpses, while three men seem to be covered in allegedly anthropogenic haemogly. This video has become virus on Facebook and WhatsApp, with a Hindi translation of the message: "These are Rohingya Muslims. See them eat Hindus.

And, Hindus, you keep weeping over the gas price". FORBIDDEN could not determine where the video came from or in which contexts it is located. But the video has some hints that reveal it as orchestrated. In the video the men speak in Hindi: "Aaiye oaiye milk limjiye; saasta ho ya; hahaar repaiye; lyjiye saasta ho gaya".

WhatsApp' est dans la vidéo mehrfach zu hören. Rohingya speaks the so-called Rohingya dilect, which is similar to what is said in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Most Rohingya also use Burmese, the country's main foreign tongue.

It is a placard showing the words in Devanagari, the words "head" (mundi) and "meat". In the video the colour used is too light and too thick to be genuine black-blooded, the ambient sludge would have been black and watery if it had been genuine black.

In the video, a remarkable diagram of a rotating machine shows the Mahindra Yuvo 275 DI as well. On the lower screen shot, the man is shown carrying a central theme on his right hand joint, a sacred theme associated with Hindus and not with Muslims.

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