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Burma has signed a contract with Bangladesh to send hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees home. As Aung San Suu Kyi has described Rohingya as an "iceberg of misinformation". Counterfeit news on Facebook fans the flames of hatred against the Rohingya in Burma - Today's coverage by postal correspondents around the world. Half a million children are at risk because the monsoon rains in the Rohingya refugee camps are increasing. No child in today's world should die of an avoidable disease.

Rawingya Muslims

Nearly half a million Rohingya have escaped to Bangladesh and the United Nations has charged Burma's armed forces with "ethnic cleansing", described by UN medical experts as "aggressive" and "inhuman".

The Rohingya monsun strikes the Rohingya camps

Cox' s Bazar, Bangladesh, home of the world's largest camps of refugees and a million in all. They used to be living across the Myanmar frontier, but were compelled to escape the violence of the state police. Rains began here just over a weeks ago. In the first few clandestine years, three men were murdered.

Accommodation, shelter, grocery stores, healthcare and sanitary installations have been affected or ruined by mudslides. The helpers have been trying for month to get the camp ready for three month of continuous pour. It rained a lot in three workdays. It is also very tragic that every day there are mudslides that have brought tragic human deaths.

However, even they say they were amazed by the amount of precipitation they have seen in the last few day.

Burmese troops imprisoned for 10 years for Rohingya murder

Three Myanmar troops were convicted of their participation in the murder of ten Rohingya Muslim men last year. At the beginning of the year, the military for the first case admits that its troops were part of the murders. Burma has been charged with conducting racial cleansings in the state of Rakhine.

Over 650,000 Rohingya have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh since last August when the Rakhine state broke out in violent tales of genocide, violent assassination and torturing. With the support of indigenous buddhistic groups, they blame the army for burnt down their communities and attack ed and killed civilised people. Myanmar's army has refused to target any civilian and is insisting that it only fight Rohingya fighters.

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