The capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh (?????

? ar-Riy??) is located just east of the country's centre in the heart of the Tuwaig steep slope. Al-Riy??, city and capital of Saudi Arabia. Discover the Riyadh holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.

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Named in place of the Riyadh Hajr (Arabic: ???) during the pre-Islamic period, the town was allegedly established by the Banu Hanifa people.... His Majesty Hajr acted as the provincial capitol of Al-Yamamah, whose governments were in charge of most of northern and southern Arabia during the Umayyad and Abbasid years.

In 866 Al-Yamamamah separated from the Abbasid Empire and the area came under the dominion of the Ukhaydhirites who transferred the capitol from Hajr to Al-Kharj. Eventually the town experienced a long process of decay. It was in the fourteenth and fourteenth centuries that the northern traveller Ibn Battuta described his trip to Hajr as "the capitol of Al-Yamamamah, and its name is Hajr".

Battuta continues to describe it as a town of channels and forests, where most of its residents belong to Bani Hanifa, and says he went to Mecca with their chief to play Hajj. Riyadh, the oldest known indication of the area, comes from a 17th-century historian who reported an incident in 1590.

Deham ibn Dawwas, a fugitive from neighbouring Manfuha, took over Riyadh in 1737. Ibid Dawwas constructed a sole barrier to enclose the various cities of oases in the area, making them virtually a sole one. Riyadh ", which means "gardens", means these former cities of oases. Riyadh's Ibn Dawwas spearheaded the most resolute opposition, with Al Kharj, Al Ahsa, and Najran's Banu Yam Clans joining in.

Ibn Dawwas, however, escaped and Riyadh surrendered to the Saudis in 1774, ending long years of war and declaring the First Saudi State with Diriyah as its principal city. Saud's first state was devastated by armed troops sent from Egypt by Muhammad Ali, who acted in the name of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1818 Turkish troops destroyed the Saudian capitol Diriyah. The first Amir of the Second Saud ian State was Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed; the Saud Bin Saud co-usin reigned for 19 years until 1834 and led to the area' s consolidated existence, although fictitiously under the reign of Mohammed Ali, the Viceroy of Egypt.

1823 the Turk ibn Abdallah elected Riyadh as his new city. After the Turks were murdered in 1834, his oldest son Faisal murdered the attacker and took charge and declined to be inspected by the Viceroy of Egypt. Abdul Rahman bin Faisal, the third Faisal child, took back Najd in 1889 and reigned until 1891, when Muhammad bin Rashid took back the reins.

In 1902, however, his son Abdul Aziz took back his traditional Najd empire and strengthened his dominion until 1926, expanding his empire to include "most of the Arabian Peninsula". "In September 1932, he designated his realm as Saudi Arabia with Riyadh as its principal city. In 1953 King Abdul Aziz passed away and his boy Saud took charge of the paternal to paternal inheritance from the period when Mohammed bin Saud introduced the Saudi Law in 1744.

Riyadh has been "mushrooming" since the nineteen-forties from a relatively small, geographically secluded urban centre into a generous megacity. King Shah Saud, when he came to the throne, made it his goal to modernise Riyadh and began the development of Annasriyyyah, the king's neighborhood, in 1950. In 1953 the raster was established in the village.

It has a dry overall weather and very little precipitation, especially in summers, but in March and April it gets a lot of rains. Riyadh was struck by a violent dusty wind on 1 and 2 April 2015, which led to the abandonment of education in many regional colleges and the flight cancellations of several hundred local and foreign pilots.

The Riyadh is subdivided into fourteen branches,[28] in order to form the Diplomatic Quarter. Al-Bathaa and Al-Deerah, the center of the center of the capital, is also its oldest part. Riyadh has some of the major districts: Riyadh's old quarter within the ramparts has not exceeded an area of 1 square km, and therefore today there are very few significant remains of the ancient Riyadh Olympic area.

Expanding outside the ramparts began slowly, although there were some smaller havens and villages around Riyadh. Riyadh's archaeological places of historic importance, in which the municipality of Riyadh is present, are the five old doors on the old ramparts of Riyadh. Constructed around 1865 under the rule of Mohammed ibn Abdullah ibn Rasheed (1289-1315 AD), the northern sovereign of Ha'il, this fort had taken away Al Saud's rivalling clan's power over the town.

Riyadh, the incident that re-established Saud domination, has gained almost mythic stature in the story of Saudia Arabia. Masmak Fortress is now a modern day military fort and is located in the immediate vicinity of Clock Tower Square, also known as Chop Chop Square and relating to the death penalty.

Kingdom Centre is a group of businesses, among them Kingdom Holdings led by Al-Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Kingdom King's Princes, and is the head office of the Group. On the other hand, the order was taken over by El-Seif and the costs of the investment were 2 billion saudiarabian soaps. Kingdom Towers is the third highest building in the UK with 99 floors (behind the Makkah Royale Clock Towers in Mecca and the Burj Rafal in Riyadh) and rises up to 300 m. A feature of the Towers is that it is split into two parts in the last third of its altitude and is connected by a Celestial Bridging Trail offering a breathtaking view of Riyadh.

The Al Faisaliyah Centre (Arabic: ??? ????????) is the first high-rise to be erected in Saudi Arabia and the third highest in Riyadh after the Burj Rafal and Kingdom Centre. 1999 a new main museums was erected in Riyadh, on the east side of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre.

Saudi Arabia's National Museum united several collectibles and items that had previously been dispersed across several institutes and other locations in Riyadh and the kingdom. Thus, for example, the fragments of meteorites known as "Camel's Hump", which were exhibited at King Saud University in Riyadh, became the new entrance to the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

Saqr Al-Jazira, is situated on the East Ring Road of Riyadh between exit 10 and 11. There is a set of aeroplanes and aviation-related objects used by the Royal Saudi Air Force and Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines). It also has several large arenas such as the King Fahd International Stadium with a 70,000 seatacity.

GPYW Hall Stadium hosted the 1997 Asia Cup of Basel, where Saudi Arabia's domestic squad made it to the Final Four. King Khalid International International airport (KKIA) in Riyadh, 35 kilometres northerly of the capital, is the city's most important international destination and handles over 17 million passenger movements annually.

There is a network of motorways in the town. The King Fahd Road passes through the center of the town, running along the King Fahd Road from top to bottom, running along the road. The Makkah Road, which crosses the center of the town in an east-west direction, links the easterly parts of the town with the central shopping quarter and the Diplomacy districts.

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