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It is the capital and largest city of Latvia. class="mw-headline" id="Etymologie">Etymologie[edit] Established in 1201, Riga is a former member of the Hanseatic League of....

Riga was the European Capital of Culture together with Umeå in Sweden in 2014. This year Riga was host to the NATO Summit 2006, the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, the IIHF Men's Ice Hockey World Championship 2006 and the Women's Curling World Championship 2013.

This is the location of the European Union's European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). Henry's Livonian Chronicle shows that for a long time in the twelfth centuries Riga was a commercial center known as Portugal Old Harbor and depicts houses and storehouses where mainly linen and skins were stored.

19 ] Germans began to visit Riga and founded a near-by field post in 1158. 1282 Riga became a member of the Hanseatic League. As the Hanseatic League played a major role in giving Riga economical and geopolitical strength, it gave the Hanseatic League a solid base that survived the coming politic fires until now.

When the Hanseatic League's sphere of influence diminished, Riga became the target of international efforts, whether militarily, politically, religiously or economically. In 1522 Riga took the Reformation and ended the rule of the archiepiscopal bishops. With the downfall of the Order of Livonia during the Civil war, Riga had the rank of a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire for twenty years before it came under the control of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through the Treaty of Drohiczyn, which ended the Riga Wars in 1581.

1621, during the Polish-Swedish War (1621-1625), Riga and the remote Daugavgriva stronghold came under the reign of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, who interfered in the Thirty Years' War not only for reasons of financial and financial profit, but also for the benefit of Lutheranism. Riga endured a besiege by Soviet troops during the Russian-Swedish war (1656-1658).

During these many hundreds of years of warmongering and change of government in the Baltics, and despite population change, the Germans had held a dominating role in Riga. 43 ] Riga used English as the formal administrative idiom until the introduction of English as an administrative idiom in the Baltics in 1891 as part of Tsar Alexander III's Russiasification policies for the non-Russian-speaking areas of the Empire, which included the Congress of Poland, Finland and the Baltics.

In the middle of the 19th centuries more and more Latvians began to move to the town. Riga's ascent of a Lithuanian middle class made it a center of Latvia's awakening with the foundation of the Riga Union of Latvia in 1868 and the organization of the first Lithuanian singing festivals in 1873. World War I and the effects of the Russian Revolution of 1917 came to Riga in the twentieth centuries.

As a result of theattle of Jugla, the Germans invaded Riga on 3 September 1917. On 3 March 1918 the Brest-Litovsk Agreement was concluded, transferring the Baltics to Germany. Due to the armistice with Germany on 11 November 1918, Germany, like Russia, had to abandon this agreement, which gave Latvia and the other Baltics the opportunity to assert their sovereignty.

Latvia, with Riga as its main town, therefore proclaimed its sovereignty on 18 November 1918. Riga and Latvia moved their attention from Russia to the Western European nations between World War I and World War II (1918-1940). Most Baltic Germans were relocated at the end of 1939, before Estonia and Latvia were occupied by the Soviet Union in June 1940.

Latvia was conquered by the USSR in June 1940 and by Nazi Germany in 1941-1944 during the Second World War. By 17 June 1940 the Soviets had entered Latvia and seized bridge, postal and phone stations, cable and radio stations. From 14 to 15 July, manipulated polls took place in Latvia and the other Baltics according to instructions:

Criminal courts were established to prosecute "traitors to the people" - those who had not fulfilled the "political duty" to elect Latvia to the USSR and those who had not managed to stamp their passes for the vote were permitted to be gunned in the back of their heads. USSR officials, who had re-gained power over Riga and Latvia, enforced a terrorist regimen, opened the KGB seat and began mass deportation.

Similar cruelties occurred after the Nazi invasion of Latvia, when the city's Jews were forcibly brought into the Riga prison and a Nazi concentrate camps was set up in the Emperor's Forest. The Nazis transferred all Jews from Riga and the surrounding area to the Nazis on 25 October 1941.

On 13 October 1944, the Soviet Red Army returned to Riga. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, great effort was made to rebuild and refurbish most of the illustrious Prewar skyscrapers. Riga's temperate zone is moist kontinental (Köppen Dfb). January and February are the coolest month, when the mean annual temp. is -5 C (23 F), but temp. from -20 to -25 C (-4 to -13 F) can be seen almost every year on the coolest day.

Riga's summer months are chilly and wet, with an annual mean of 18 C (64 F), while on the busiest day the temperatures can reach 30 C (86 F). Riga's prime minister is the town' s alderman. The current Lord Major Nils U?akovs, who is a member of the Harmony party, took up his post on 1 July 2009.

Municipal government is a democratic electoral body and is the last decision-making body in the town. There are 60 members in the Board who are appointed every four years. Riga Municipal Council's Presidium shall consist of the Chairman of Riga Municipal Assembly and the delegates of the chosen representative bodies of the Riga Municipal Assembly.

Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theater is the oldest Russian theater founded in 1883. New Riga Theater opened in 1992. Riga Broadcasting and Television Towers is the highest building in Latvia and the Baltic States and one of the highest in the European Union at 368.

The center of Riga also houses many great Art Nouveau architectural masterpieces as well as a mediaeval old city. Riga was one of the host cities of EuroBasket 2015 in 2015. The Dinamo Riga is a pro icehockey team founded in 2008. Riga, with its geographical location and concentrated populace, has always been the infrastructure center of Latvia.

Riga has several main routes, and the main road in Europe, the road no. 22, runs through Riga from either side, while the Via Baltica runs through Riga from the southern and northern sides. There is an operating Riga International Airports (RIX), which was established in 1973 and operates commercially. In 2001, the reconstruction and modernisation of the aerodrome was finished, at the same time as the 800-year existence of the town.

The number of passenger movements per year has risen from 310,000 in 1993 to 4.7 million in 2014, making Riga Intl. the biggest in the Baltic States. Riga's former Spilve Airfield is 5 km from Riga's downtown and is currently used for small aeroplanes, flight instruction and leisure flying.

During the Cold War there was also a Riga airbase - the Rumbula airbase. Municipal transit is provided by R?gas Statiksme, which runs a large number of streetcars, busses and trolley busses on an extended route throughout the town. Furthermore, until 2012 many privately owned companies provided minibuses, whereupon the town council founded the single haulage firm R?gas microautobusu silatiksme and set up a single market for the bus minibuses.

The Riga Internacional Coaching Terminal offers national and internacional bus services. ostapenko, the women's pro athlete, "2017 " Open champion Mikhail Tal, 2017 " The Wizard of Riga" Tatiana Warsher, a famous archeologist from Russia who is known for her study in Pompeii. Hop up to "Councilman of Riga".

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