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Todays 01. May 2018#English news translation in Rohingya language by Mr. Sherif Arakani

ROHRINGYA is an ethnical Moslem majority in the state of Arakan, Burma (now Myanmar) at risk of losing its livelihood and story from the world. The story of the sovereign Arakan with its regal owner Rohingya is about to vanish. Over the last few day the horrors have become increasingly serious, calling them "genocide and ethnical cleansing".

More or less the whole worid the horrors of the Rohingya, as there is no means of accessing free music. It is an autonomous on-line television station that works as "An authentically voice and vision of the persecuted Rohingya" and is strongly dedicated to spreading the suffering of Rohingya among the worlds population.

Television is planning to concentrate the messages and opinions of the most haunted Rohingya in Rohingya, Bengali, English, Arabian and Myanmar. For further information and video please come and see us: https://www.facebook. com/RNTvNetwork https://www.facebook. com/RNTvNetworkBangla https://www.twitter. com/RNTv3 https://www.twitter. com we :: info@rntvnetwork. com ..........Thank you for viewing the RNTvWS. ?? ?? ? ? | Big Breaking new | Daily new | aaj ki Badi Kabhabar | Today latest new.

The UNSC crew arrives in Myanmar for the Rohingya spacecraft. UN Security Council members investigating Myanmar's Rohingya tribe's conflict over its racial Rohingya minorities came to the country's capitol on Monday after a trip to Bangladesh, where some 700,000 Rohingya who have escaped armed conflict are living in shelters. During the two days of its mission, the UN mission will be meeting with Myanmar's top female head of state, Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, and Senior General Min Aung Alaing, before heading to the north state of Rakhine, the area from which the Rohingya.....

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