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November 16, 1915 Aberdeen was sailing under the company of Admiralty Xerxes. That Xerxes (ordered by Lieutenant John Joseph William Whitfield RNR) has been ordered to escape Burma. Burma was sailing at 8.40pm, 20 mins before the tractor, and forced the escorts to make up ground. The mast head, tail and port side of the lubricator were spotted when the lighting went out and it was appreciated that they were heading southeast.

He adjusted the course and passed her gradually, and as he left her port quarters, he signaled to the lubricator to acknowledge her course and celerity. Not answering immediately, the vessel, which still assumed it was on its way southeast, chose to take the precaution.

They were on a convergence course as the lubricator headed south-southwest. Xerxes officials became puzzled when the couple shut down and thought Burma had changed course. It was hanging on the arches for a few seconds before sinking with the death of four men on the oilers port side.

Burma's master, Lieutenant William Frost, had not been on the deck when the squad was closed, so an unexperienced third mate who had not recognized the evolving peril. Lt Whitfield was wrongly convicted when he tried to take the stop in front of the vessel while assessing its course and cadence.

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