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It is Amnesty Criticism that the Supreme Marshal Min Aung Hlaing and 12 others should be brought to trial for their role in the horrors of Rakhine. However, they say that this step may not be enough to meet global demands for fairness for the oppressed ethnical group. They are under attack for their role in a breakthrough against the Rakhine state' s Islamic population.

Burma ignores the plea and rejects the horrors that many in the outside community regard as racial clean-up. It is telling a UN spokesman that the histories have further divided various religions and races in the state of Rakhine. U.N. and WB governors will be visiting migration centres on July 1, a State Department officer said.

On 2 July the tribunal will be hearing from both sides in the case of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo allegations. In the Mandalay area, five died in a mudslide, while others in the states of Rakhine and Shan lost their houses to floods.

U.S. channel looses Myanmar branch because of the name Rohingya

ANGKOK ( "AP") - An American government-focused channel that delivers news to Asian nations where information freedoms are limited loses its Myanmar counterpart after it refused to use the term "Rohingya" to describe an suppressed Islamic majority. The last date on which DVB Media Group's TV broadcasting would be broadcast by Radio Free Asia was Monday, said RFA spokesperson Rohit Mahajan.

Said RFA said Myanmar said it was not willing to give in to its pressures to use a different concept than Rohingya. Some 700,000 Rohingya have escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh since the Myanmar administration started a forced insurgency in West Burma last August, where most Rohingya were living. In Myanmar, many call the Rohingya "Bengali" to express the claim that they are more likely to be Bangladeshi immigrants than locals.

It is refusing to recognise the Rohingya as an officially recognised ethnical minorities and is denying most of them the right to nationality and privilege. Burma is the second South East Asia country in 10 month where RFA has been deprived of contact with community channels. Kampuchea last August banned the implementation of RFA programs by Cambodia's FM radio channels, one of several activities that the mass media saw in what was seen as a step to quiet discriminating votes before a general elections in July this year.

The Myanma Radio and Television state broadcaster's memorandum of 7 May on DVB's case with privately-owned radio stations said that the use of the "controversial Rohingya " term directly infringes the terms of the contract to which the radio stations are tied. In our report, RFA will still call Rohingya "Rohingya".

"In prohibiting the use of the word'Rohingya', Myanmar's administration is taking an Orwellian move to wipe out the identities of a nation whose livelihood it wants to deny," she said. "XRF will remain a source of trusted and trusted journalists for Myanmar public opinion, especially when it reports on topics that are ignored and suppressed by the locally and state-controlled press.

Mr. Mahajan said the RFA program for Myanmar would stay available on his website, Facebook and YouTube, and on short-wave television, and his correspondents will still work in the state. Cambodia saw the closure of RFA broadcasting in the Cambodian press last year, under the pressures of his own bureau, and the November arrests of two of his former spy accusations, which are generally seen as intimidation-prone.

RFA, which is based on the long-standing channel FM Free Europe, transmits programmes to China, Cambodia, North Korea, Laos and Vietnam as well as Myanmar. It' s financed by the US administration, but run by an autonomous body. Broadcasting non-censored news to Myanmar when it was still under Burmese army command, DVB - the DDR - was initially founded in 1992 as a short-wave television in Norway.

It has been revised to show that DVB began broadcasting at the beginning of October, not the end of September.

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