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Broadcasting of nightly television news in Burma by Radio Free Asia

WASHINGTON, DC - The Myanmar Radio Free Asia ministry today broadcasted the first TV series of its nighttime newscast in Burma. Two co-moderators moderated the half-hour programme, which was transmitted via satelite at 8:30 p.m. Eastern European radio station. The programme included reports on Nobel Peace Prize winner and Nazi party leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who had signed up to take part in the country's forthcoming election, as well as interviewing recently freed Myanmar Burma detainees and other important Myanmar tales.

Suu Kyi Radio Free Asia (RFA) commended his continuing Excellency for providing precise information and messages to the Myanmar population. "It is a great honour to welcome the audience of Radio Free Asia's first TV show in Burma. Radio Free Asia not only kept me up to date with the latest Burma related information while I was under detention, it also gave me knowledge," Suu Kyi said.

This 30-minute programme runs seven nights a week, featuring new weekday epsisodes and weekend repeats. The nocturnal programme includes in-depth interviewing, breaking stories and reporting on Burma's development, with a particular emphasis on the April 1 election. Television programming complements the four-hour XRF broadcast via satellites and high-frequency.

TV shows are also available on-line on the website of the Burma RFA Services at http://www.rfa.org/burmese/. is a privately-held, non-profit company that broadcasts and publishes messages, information and comments in nine Eastern Asiatic language to audiences who do not have full and free newscasts.

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