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XRF Burmese News, Night June 28, 2018

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Myanmar television accuses protests at West stations

The Burmese TV says that expatriate incitators are to blame for far-reaching protest in the area. On Thursday, an English-language TV show by the Burmese army administration charged VOA and the British Broadcasting Corporation with inventing news about what happened in Burma. During the show, a message warned the audience that they should be careful not to watch "destructive" internationals.

Prodemocracy demonstrations have been going on in Burma for a whole week, but the state-controlled broadcasting companies referred to them for the first case this one. Burmese authorities' Thursday report, which was aired on MRTV-3, said that "some religious, opposing organisations and disturbing elements" had organized outcry. According to the state-controlled program, the demonstrations were "at the behest of outside and inside interferers and some international radios".

The Burmese TV said that the sound of news coverage from abroad in Rangoon pointed out that major news organisations "are not satisfied with the peaceful ness, instability and evolution of the[Burmese] nation". Burma's U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors this past weekend announces the extension of Burmese programming. BBG president James Glassman says radio broadcasting time has risen because "the Burmese population is hungry for precise information, both about the world's response to its fight for democratisation and about what is going on in their own country".

The VOA now transmits three hour Burmese programming per day from 90 min and RFAs in Burmese have been raised from two to four per day.

Burmese TV News, June 28, 2018

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