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Burmese Rfa 2016

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Boundary capitalism, disturbed: Precariousness and struggle in a South-East Asian..... - Stephen Campbell

Introducing a new use of workers and autonomy theories into his field work, Stephen Campbell shows the way in which workers' struggle has catalysed labour regulatory transformation at the borders of big business in the southern world. From Mae Sot's point of view, Campbell deals with flexibility and delicate work, typical of the experience of developing in the northern world.

He underscores the daily practice of immigrants, the law enforcement, employer, NGOs and personal identification agents to comprehend the" policy of precarity" and the new types of workers' organisation and opposition in the APZ.

The Kachin Chief Minister says that escaping village people can go home.

About 2,000 Myanmar's war-torn Kachin state prisoners caught in the midst of battles between the country's armed forces and an ethnical militias in the city of Taing can go back to their villages, which have been evacuated by the armed forces, Kachin chief minister Khet Aung said on Thursday to the RFA's Myanmar service. Myanmar's armies said the villages could not stay in Taaning and would forcefully go back to the hamlet of Awng Lat, which they escaped after last week's battles, the Irrawaddy said on-line paper.

"Awng Lawt village commander of the Northern Headquarters informs me that escaping villages can come home from Awng Lawt villages because the army has evacuated them and the villages are becoming normal," Khet Aung RFA said in an interviewer. "Both the provincial governments and the members of the Red Cross have started our journey to the villages with groceries and medicines," the ministers added.

The Irrawaddy said the soldiers ordered the locals to go and offered to help them get home. "There will be no opening of an IDP centre in the city for people who have escaped the battles in the Awng Lawt community. You' must all go back and remain in your village,' the press agency said, invoking a Tanaing proclamation.

"The Armed Forces said, "We announce that we will provide you with all the help you need to settle in your town. However, a KIA spokesperson denied the security demands of the armed forces and the state secretary. Said the KIA and armed forces had been deploying forces on the Tanaing-Awng Lawt highway and were involved in day-to-day confrontations.

"When they come back, the position is not secure for them because it is a warmonger. There' s no assurance that locals are safe," the Irrawaddy cited KIA spokesperson Col Naw Bu. "Awng Lawt himself, the initial state of affairs is not yet intact. Vincent, a Roman Catholics minister who is helping the expelled village dwellers, RFA said he did not think it was save for the village dwellers to comeback.

He said 1,200 village refugees, ten of them woman in labour, more than 60 breastfeeding mother and many older persons in one place four hour walking from Tanaing. Another workman of religion, Naw Taung, the Chinese chief, said RFA was notified by army officers that the expelled village inhabitants could go home.

KIA has been skirmishing with the Myanmar military since 2011, when a 17-year mutual ceasefire deal between the two sides failed. KIA is one of several militia with which the Myanmar administration is trying to end and bring lasting ethnic-separatist civilian conflicts to an end through a chain of peaceful negotiations initiated by Myanmar head Aung San Suu Kyi in August 2016.

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